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#0 - 2010/09/21 01:43:48 PM
"Let's keep the QQ under control. If you're so frustrated that our vision of the paladin doesn't align with yours or if you're blinded by rage that we can't see how much weaker you are than other healers, than you're better off just not posting. If you keep posting in this manner you'll just get banned anyway so the effect will be the same."

This is the reply given by GC to a player who expressed his concern about the current state of Holy Paladins on Beta.

Honestly, I find the player's comment not offensive at all. I do not know if he is right or not, because I have no time to play Beta or PTR. Therefore, I am not commenting on the specifics of what this Paladin is saying. He could be completely wrong. I am just saying that he did not write anything offensive, and he does not seem as somebody writing while "blinded by rage". You can find the original post in the link below.

My point is that I am shocked by the reaction of GC. He is not new to scornful comments against the community (to the ground baby, and similar replies), which makes me question his professional skills. But threatening a ban because somebody expresses his opinion in a polite way (even if he was completely wrong), seems to be a little bit over the top. He, like anyone of us, is a paying customer and we, paying customers, are those who provide the money for GC to live a happy life.

Given the fact that I cannot comment on the new dynamics of Paladins, I guess my question is the following: Is that player blinded by rage, or is GC blinded by arrogance?

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#158 - 2010/09/27 10:10:57 AM
This thread has been derailed into a flamefest, hence the lock.

Please respect the forum rules and keep a civil tone when posting on these forums.

In regards to the thread topic: Posting complaints and voicing your concerns is a perfectly fine thing for you to do, but please be constructive when doing so. Constructive feedback can be very helpful, be it positive or negative. However, if your posts consists of nothing but rants, profanity and otherwise high-fiving others on how horrible things are for you, then please refrain from posting because such feedback is of no use at all.