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#1 - 2012/03/23 12:02:00 AM
First initial impressions:

Two glaring issues:

1) Crusader Strike doesn't apply the Weakened Blows debuff that Hammer of the Righteous does. It pretty much needs to so that we can use it around CC'd adds (unless they changed all AE dmg to be friendly now?). The idea of throwing it in to keep the debuff up in a single target rotation is interesting, but mostly frustrating; would require some people to make mods to more visibly keep track of when it's about to wear off or people make castsequence macros for CS/HotR. Really, they should both just do it.

2) No choices for Holy Power: Word of Glory doesn't heal for enough as protection. It also lost it's overheal bubble. It needs larger boost to be useful on self, and a smaller boost to be useful on allies. We lost inquisition as well--granted that mitigation from shield is pretty much always best, but it's really nice to have options for those times when you might have a chance to do something else: options! Taking away interesting decisions is pretty lame. (There seems to be some hidden Touched by the Light type working on attack power as the heal does go up with Vengeance)

Other thoughts:

- Basically, it feels like we lost half of our abilities. My hotkey bars are now half empty.

- Reckoning needs to be kept. Simply put, for me this is a classic class defining ability. I still mourn Redoubt (as silly as it was).

- Sacred Shield is back! YAY!

- Divine Guardian is gone. This really made me feel useful and special in raids. =(

- Righteous Defense is gone. An interesting mechanic but I can probably survive without it (5 times threat and 3 AE dmg abilities). Makes me wonder however if all the other tanks got to keep their 2 taunts.

- Mastery only being block chance still needs to be changed. It continues to be inferior to warrior mastery. Add to it a chance to self heal us on some event/ability occuring, or maybe always make it heal us on an ability and the amount increases the heal as a % of our health. It needs something to match up with critical block.

- Holy Wrath is supposed to be the new filler? even for single target (because it divides its damage up)?

- Divine Plea is gone for Prot =( we really did like that additional holy power on demand source.

- Hammer of Wrath is gone for Prot. Was this intentional? taking away interesting decisions; especially with the new awesome glyph =(

Game Designer
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#34 - 2012/03/31 05:51:00 PM
You shouldn't have to "wait to do things" much. The Protection rotation should include Avenger's Shield, Crusader Strike, Judgment, Consecration and Holy Wrath, with Shield of the Righteous and Word of Glory as finishers. You should almost always have a button to push. We don't have a problem with occasional holes in the rotation, so long as those don't occur with frustrating regularity.