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#1 - 2012/03/30 02:08:00 PM
Anyone else really dislike the way we tank/play right now? I don't quite know how to put it into words, but I'll try anyway.

I like a lot of the stance/rage changes that they made, but when actually tanking it feels boring and unresponsive because of the long cooldowns and lack of rage generation. (Or maybe it's just the lack of control?)

Abilities such as Shield Block and Shield Barrier did not feel worthwhile to use in the new 5 man (Library Event being the exception) and this is especially true out in the world while soloing. Instead of using our defensive abilities, I found myself dumping rage into Heroic Strike, Cleave and Execute instead most of the time. (And Thunder Clap when it randomly decides it wants to cost 20 rage instead of 0.) I'm sure this will be different for raids, but our old model felt pretty good for all occasions/scenarios.

I'm not really feeling the new spam Devastate until Shield Slam comes off cooldown with a shout every minute and maybe a leap+charge for more rage. I personally enjoyed the old spammy playstyle, but I doubt that will be coming back. The lack of being able to hit lots of buttons feels pretty boring overall.

Edit: A big issue I'm having out in the world is that Demo Shout was removed. I used to use it to gather a lot of mobs up and keep them from leashing. Thunderclap just doesn't quite have that same effect. This wouldn't really be an issue if our damage/vengeance outdoors wasn't so low.

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#27 - 2012/03/31 05:43:00 PM
We wanted to clarify a little the direction we are trying to go with Protection warriors and ultimately all tanks.

You generate rage through auto attacks. You also have some sources of rage more under your control, such as shouts, Charge, and in particular Shield Slam (the same is true of MS or BT if you are Arms or Fury). You no longer generate rage from taking damage, because we found that it basically meant Prot warriors always had infinite rage, so the resource wasn't relevant to gameplay. We think classes are more fun and interesting when they have to manage, even to a small extent, some resource.

For Protection, we expect you to spend most of your rage on Shield Block. Shield Block is not an emergency button. It generally won't save your life. But this is a good thing. Emergency buttons with resource costs aren't reliable. On the other hand using Shield Block (or Shield Barrier for magic damage) will make a difference over the course of a fight. It will help your healers out. It will slightly blunt spikes. Shield Block has no cool down, allowing you to use it more frequently when you have lots of rage, but also letting you play a little with when you use it. If you know a big hit is coming soon, you can delay the block for a few seconds. Otherwise, you can use it, knowing you'll have rage soon for another one.

One of the changes for old time Prot warriors is getting used to not spamming Heroic Strike. Think of HS (and Cleave) as an alternative to Shield Block for times when you don't need to worry about blocking, such as when you are soloing, off-tanking or doing easy content. If you use too many Heroic Strikes, you won't have rage for Shield Block as well. Your other attacks, Devastate, Revenge, Shield Slam and Thunder Clap, should fill in most of the holes in your rotation and should be sufficient for holding threat without HS spam.

As I mentioned recently, Prot warrior damage is probably 50% of where it needs to be. When we have that adjusted, your threat will be higher and those Shield Slam and Revenge hits in particular should feel meatier.

If you are a Guardian Druid, there are a lot of analogues. Notice what costs rage, and don't spend it on the wrong things. If you are a Prot paladin, spend your Holy Power mostly on Shield of the Righteous (in this case for damage and mitigation). If you are a Blood DK, your rotation isn't that different than it is on live.

We will ultimately balance all of the tanks around their suite of survival mechanics. Just be aware that we balance based on typical group situations and not how long a tank can go without getting a heal. If a tank can be two shot by a boss (assuming appropriate gear and skill), it's a design problem. If a tank is getting four or five shot, it's a healer problem.

P.S. Standard caveat that our design intent here is to make things more fun overall, not to nerf anybody.