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#1 - 2012/03/25 10:31:00 PM
Loving the spell, but I have noticed quite a few issues with Chi Wave so far.

1) It's a hit dependent heal. If you cast it on a mob and miss, the entire stack disappears. But sometimes the damage portion misses (hit roll for each tick?) and does jump.

2) If the stack is on a mob and it dies, it disappears. Hopefully this will force a next bounce.

3) Does not jump mob -> mob or player -> player.

4) Does jump to NPCs such as the Lashtail Hatchling.

Game Designer
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#9 - 2012/03/30 06:04:00 PM
The design of Chi Wave is that it jumps from hostile to friendly to hostile to friendly and so on. It prefers the closest target, and in the next build will try to perfer players over pets and guardians. The way we use it internally is to cast it on the tanks, which causes it to hit the boss, and then back to the tank and so on. We agree missing is pretty punitive, but I believe Mistweavers don't yet have the Spirit to hit conversion mechanic of healers.