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#1 - 2012/03/28 03:05:00 PM

I was wondering about a minor problem: when I ignore someone I can still read the text bubbles and the /p. Now I'm usually ignoring to not meet a player ever again afterwards, but it's nice to not have to read their text during a run.

I don't want to leave as other people are left behind as well. I'm usually tank or heal, btw, so I'd be dissappointing dps. Still having to see yo-momma insults for a full run makes me leave. It doesn't happen often, but ofcourse it does happen.

I do use the ignoremore addon so maybe the game doesn't recognize my extra ignores as a true 'ignore'. I have yet to group up with those people again, though, so it's working so far.

It would also be nice to have a friends-list as opposing to the ignore list. That if you would add a friend (game wide, not just server wide) you get an increased chance of grouping up with them again.

There are enough players about to easily form groups with people you like, and that's why I am a fan of the ignore button; I don't want to group up with little brats and they don't want to group up with this old fart. Although a friendslist would add a positive note to that same fact. I meet many nice people ingame... it would be fun to have them all in one group :).

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#4 - 2012/03/28 04:08:00 PM
Just as Fiskerdin kindly points out Clutch, it would be as a result of the add-on as to why you are still seeing the chat bubbles.

As for your feedback, you are welcome to post such thoughts in our General forum here. :)