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#1 - 2012/03/27 11:38:00 PM
Dear Blizzard (And WoW Community),

I've been playing World of Warcraft for over a year now mostly on alliance side. The reason I never played horde is the same reason I'm conflicted with it now. I've never before really made a topic on the forum about something like this but it's really bugging me and I hope blizzard will have a read and consider what I have to say.

My first ever character was a Druid, I came into the WoW world excited about being able to shape shift into different animal forms and being so versatile. That character is now a Lvl 85 Night Elf feral tank.

Then Recently I've started to play on a different realm as horde, Initially just out of boredom, to do something different. I quickly started to feel at home in a friendly guild and loved how heavily populated Orgrimmar was, I had never seen so many people before as I was on a less populated realm so I was really excited about moving here.

So I transferred over my Main which is a Priest and all my time is now spend playing as horde, Making various alts, Experiencing WoW in a new light. But now I've stumbled on the same problem I've always had with horde.

The lack of good race choices for druids and the bad choices in general for female characters as horde. As a woman wanting to play just female characters, I have no interest in being a big cow or a green/blue tusked lady with weird shaggy hairdo's (or orcs for that matter). I rather play undead, goblin or blood elf which have better character customisations but still not as good as alliance where all races have good female characters.

Then now with MoP coming out I was keeping my fingers crossed that they would make Pandaren druids or at least add another race option for them as I want to transfer my druid over to horde but feel very reluctant to pay all that money to transfer a character I love to a faction that doesn't support decent race choices for druid female characters.

I've had other female gamers mention the same thing including some who play druids complaining about having to be trolls/taurens (Not saying all agree, Some are proud to be those races but there's so little choice).

I know this seems quite shallow but we play fantasy games to immerse and pretend to be more awesome. Which is why many guys play Taurens, Worgens, Undead, etc.. because they look cool/fierce, I want to look awesome as well and for me that is not being a cow or a troll.

Obviously you could say 'Go back to Alliance then!' But that doesn't solve this issue, I think it's something that should be discussed, confronted.

Basically I'd really like to see another/different race option for druids or better customisation options for female taurens, orcs and trolls.

I'd also like to hear how other woman(or men) in our community feel about this subject.


There is a discussion going on about Pandaren being druids on this topic for those interested:

Posted by Fluffball:
I really appreciate your response and I agree that horde are meant to be a lot more fierce than alliance, I also know a lot of woman play horde like myself and that some of it is to do with personal taste.

I'm just saying why do woman need to be very masculine or have hideous customisation options (Old hag faces) just to be fierce? Why not have a middle ground where you have some more normal options rather then just one. I'm not talking about making them really pretty.

I found this image on google that someone made that demonstrates exactly what I mean. This person edited the pictures slightly to make the female troll faces more feminine, slightly softer:

You can see how they are still not gorgeous super models or sparkly pixie fairies but in comparison they are a lot more feminine and more appealing.

That's what I would like to see, some more options or some small revamps of the faces and hairstyles, making faces less wrinkly, less masculine, hairstyles less boyish, softer, longer (For orcs some options not to be semi bald) without turning them all into blood elfs.

I don't think it's an outrageous request, it would be simple to implement and it's such a simple small thing but makes such a huge difference to many people like myself that feel limited when playing horde. Especially druids.

Also the druid forms on horde are quite masculine as well with the huge horns and tusks, The cat form having very masculine facial features. Why not tone down the horns and tusks slightly so they seem a bit more natural rather than stuck on and making the facial features on the cat form slightly more unisex in appearance.

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#119 - 2012/03/28 12:29:00 PM
To answer the question in the title, I think the majority of responses in this thread show that female gamers like to play Horde characters just as much as Alliance. It's purely down to personal taste.

I play a nice range of characters across both factions, and I feel the options available for each side match the spirit of the faction. Any 'pretty' missing for Horde females was more than made up for when blood elves joined back in TBC, and goblins are adorable!

Having said that, what changes would you all like to see to the models to make them more appealing to play, besides those already mentioned?