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#0 - 2010/09/24 04:57:25 AM
Divinity is now a Tier 1 Protection talent.
Protector of the Innocent is gone, moved to Holy.
Guarded by the Light additional effect - In addition, your Word of Glory will also cause Holy Shield.
Judgements of the Just now also reduces ranged attack speed.

Enlightened Judgements now also Increases the range of your Judgement by 5/10 yards.
Divinity is gone, moved to Protection
Protector of the Innocent is now a Tier 1 Holy Talent and has been revamped - Casting a targeted heal on any target, including yourself, also heals you for 1240.83 to 1427.62. (Multi ranks, but currently all with the same value)

Crusader Strike now causes 120% weapon damage, up from 100%
Selfless Healer now increases the effectiveness of Word of Glory's heal by 25/50% when used on others.
The Art of War now causes 100% additional damage, up from 30%.

Still no news on Holy Power.

I lol'd at WoG providing the Holy Shield effect, at this point, while in prot spec, Holy Power should just say.. "The consumption of Holy Power applies the Holy Shield effect." or similar. (Ezalb beat me to this).

Aside from finding it funny. Thanks for the effort and changes Blizzard. I still wish we could talk about Prot's Holy Power generation and/or the rotation's gaps, since the two are interrelated.

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#9 - 2010/09/24 07:22:35 AM
If we give Protection ways to generate more Holy Power, then that opens the door for getting both Inquisition and Shield of the Righteous going at the same time. As soon as that's possible, you're going to assume you have to do both to be competitive, and whenever you can't keep both up, you're going to be frustrated.