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#1 - 2012/03/25 02:29:00 PM
I opened and abuse ticket a few days ago and yet I get a stupid automated response about my interest in Mists of Pandaria. This is just silly, it goes to show my ticket was not read correctly, if read at all!

From: Customer Support
Subject: Blizzard Europe - Game Master Support

Thank you for your interest in the World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria beta!
Access to the beta cannot be provided by Blizzard Customer Support. If you are a World of Warcraft Annual Pass subscriber, be aware that beta invitations will be sent in waves. Annual Pass holders will be invited based on account seniority – those whose accounts have been active the longest will be invited first. Keep an eye on your account and your registered email address for your invitation to join the beta!

A legitimate email invitation to the Mists of Pandaria beta will not require you to provide your account information. Your beta invitation will be a notification that access has already been provided. If you have received an email asking for account information verification, it is likely a scam or phishing attempt. More information on these types of emails can be found here:

For more information on the beta, visit our official Mists of Pandaria community site at http:// You can also check out our beta FAQ at

If you have additional questions or concerns, please reply to this ticket or contact us on:

Over 3 days I had to wait for a reply and my reply was sent to me via the in game mail, so I didn't have the option to click for more help! Now I've had to open a new ticket, complaining about this ticket response and hope they have a record of my original ticket, as I don't remember the persons name that I reported!

Customer Service
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#19 - 2012/03/26 04:47:00 PM
Greetings Palladude,

Please let me start by apologising profusely for the incorrect response you received.

You may not remember the exact chat lines you had in your original ticket, but it’s extremely unfortunate that, just prior to the offending language incident, someone had made a comment about the Mists of Pandaria Beta. This seems to have sadly meant that your ticket was accidentally ‘caught’ in a filter intended to help us group similar issues together, and therefore prompted the regrettably unrelated response you’ve pasted here.

While these sort of measures are necessary at the moment, and I’m afraid that goes for any and all Beta related queries submitted in-game (as customer support actually doesn’t have the information being requested in the majority of these tickets), it certainly wasn’t intentional for an inappropriate language report such as your own to be sent such a reply.

I’m very pleased to see that you’ve opened another ticket about the original issue, however, and would also encourage you to send an email to the address mentioned above should you wish to provide your feedback directly to our Senior management team.

Best of luck for a speedy and satisfactory response to your current petition. :)