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#1 - 2012/03/19 01:28:00 PM
If you do indeed pay attention to the forums, you should have noticed by now that there is one group of people for using real id with AV enabler and one group against using real id and AV enabler.

You should also have noticed that one group has, as its defense, gm ticket responses saying it is ok to do this, and that the other group has, as its defense, this other gm ticket response saying any addon circumventing in-game established rules is not ok.

This argument between both sides has been going on and on and on for weeks. It has become dull and repetitive, and is not improving the sense of community. It goes on and on because people believe in their own arguments enough to keep it going on until we get a definite answer.

So please, put us out of our misery, as I am sure many of the people in this forum are getting tired, make up your mind as to wether this is ok or not and give us a definite answer.

Thanks for (hopefully) your attention to this matter.

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#94 - 2012/03/26 12:50:00 PM
This is not something that we are encouraging, but it is also something that we currently have no realistic way to prevent. That being said, this is something that may change soon, which is why we always advise people to not use any type of add-on designed to circumvent or bend our balancing safeguards... using such add-ons can lead to severe account penalties!