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#1 - 2012/02/23 09:34:00 PM
hello! I want to know is there gonna be a better graphics in MoP?
i hope no, becaue back in Wotlk i had like 30-40fps and in Cata 9-15fps, so i hope they wont make graphics better, because i dont want to be running around with 5fps.

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#17 - 2012/03/25 11:10:00 AM
There are actually quite a lot of graphic engine improvements in Mists of Pandaria, however for the most part they are subtle. For example, improved shadowing, blending and enhancements to the fog effect.

Amongst the large list of information we hope to share with you is included a list of the new graphic engine improvements with some before and after screenshots to highlight what each one brings to the game.

Each one might be subtle but as a whole they bring an improved visual appearance to the game. :)