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#0 - 2009/10/28 05:53:12 AM
I just read a topic about healers getting gear choices and it was responded to by blizz (Ghostcrawler) and since the topic was locked I will provide this

Posters should spell correctly and avoid using all CAPS. ......Ghostcrawler

Now blizz you can lock me if you want but Ghostcrawler's response is completely inappropriate. I find this to be a direct shot at someone and if this is the kind of service I can expect from posting then I hope you Ghostcrawler look again at what your stated role is with blizzard. I have found many topics in which you mispelled and edited later yet no one has brought those out to humiliate you and that is exactly what happened here.

This could have been handled privately for the issue at hand and not publicly to humiliate someone because you (Ghostcrawler) do not like the topic regardless if it was posted in the wrong forum. It is disturbing to think I pay money for your service of what I consider a great game, and that is what it is a game, only to be ridiculed for using a shorthand version of posting. You either agree with this despicable behavior or not, but the bottom line is we pay you for this not the other way around. Ghostcrawler I have seen your posts teeter ever so close to the line and I think you just crossed it.

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#29 - 2009/10/28 06:07:52 PM
I'm not a big fan of the head on a pike thing to be totally honest.

Our moderators ban and delete just a ton of inappropriate posts all the time. You should consider yourself lucky that you don't have to read a lot of that junk because they usually get to it quickly. My job isn't forum moderation nor is it something I am particularly interested in doing. But when I see just a ton of posts from the mindset of "I can say whatever I want on these forums because it's the internet and nobody knows who I am" I figure it can't hurt to gently and perhaps humorously remind our readers that this is not the Wild West where anything goes and Blizzard just has to suck it up and take it. These are our forums. We make the rules. They're not particularly harsh rules....

I have never locked a thread because someone disagreed with a design decision. It's always because someone got out of line. We're pretty tolerant of misspellings and completely understand that a lot of our posters might not speak English as a first language. Typically however folks posting in caps with lots of l33t speak are just trying to express their indignation or otherwise draw extra attention to their post, which is not a tactic we want to encourage.

Now I said I was going to post less about moderation, so forgive me if I don't follow this up. Snowfox is doing a fine job. :)