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#0 - 2010/09/15 07:33:12 AM
Through further testing i have found another bug with vanish which is below the original post, in addition enhancement shaman feral spirits have been included in the main post.

This appears to be fixed as of October 5th ive now finally had a chance to test the 'live' PTR build all pets are dropping aggro when you vanish though i am still able to be cc'd if i vanish at the time the cc finishes but it seems that this is an intended function. I have not tested whether or not stealth is still not properly dropping targets such as was discussed on page 3 of this thread however.

While dueling a hunter earlier today on Broxigar US i noticed that when i vanished his pet kept chasing me then i had to prep and vanish to finally get it off. However i was still in combat and could not sap the hunter i couldnt figure out what was causing this so i did some testing.

Apparently some pets will follow you and flat out attack you right out of vanish, this is not me thinking it was the pets and it was dots or something like that. I have dueled every pet class and even those who get pets from talents and while all do not fall under this rule, some do.

I will list each class and say how vanish interacts with the pets of this class with included screenshots to illustrate what i am talking about. In an attempt to cutdown on the image spam, i will only show pets which see through vanish, and state which ones behave normally.

Warlock: Fel Hunter behaves normally, Felgaurd behaves normally ** and the succubus behaves normally. The imp will target me and keep casting firebolts at me through vanish, breaking me out of it.

**It appears now that the felgaurd sees through vanish as this has happened on multiple occasions and I have also noticed times where the shadowfiend will behave normally and be reset while the majority of these are the same.**

Priest: Here the shadowfiend comes out, sees me I vanish and back away, it continues to follow me even though it has no target and is not attacking me. I leave stealth and the pet reaquires me as its target and continues to attack as shown in the screenshots.

Hunter: For hunters the pet will follow you after vanish, while not attacking as can be seen when i move to the side and the pet follows me to the side. After leaving stealth the pet reaquires me as its target and will attack me.

Mage (Water Elemental): The Water elemental will stop casting when i vanish but if i backup ( as seen in the screenshot) the water elemental will move forward to follow me. However if i move past it or next to it, as seen in the third screenshot it seems to lose track of me and no longer follows me.

Mage (Mirror Images): Here the mirror images come out and attack me i then proceed to vanish and they attack me through the vanish buff immunity, thats fine i figure they will fall off after the immunity fades or in a few seconds. After the buff fades they continue to attack me which finally breaks me out of stealth.

Moonkin (Treants): Treants behave normally.

Death Knight (Ghoul): Death Knights ghouls behave normally.

Enhancement Shaman: Feral spirits will once vanished, follow you while the vanish immunity buff is on and once the immunity buff fades, they will proceed to attack you and break you out of stealth.

New Vanish bug below
I have also noticed that if you vanish a spell at the same time or around the same time you will still be afflicted by this spell, but will still be in stealth. I have not tested this thoroughly with damage spells but its effect is mainly seen on crowd control spells such as polymorph, blind , cyclone, fear and other spells. Screenshots have been attached to show what i mean. You will notice that i am afflicted by the spell while having the vanish buff up, and when the vanish buff fades i am still affected by the spell while in stealth.




Thanks to all on Broxigar US who helped me with testing.

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#9 - 2010/09/21 03:59:44 AM
Please check this in whatever the next build is.