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#1 - 2012/02/16 06:47:00 PM
Yes, I am a Protection Paladin who enjoys protecting my allies on the battlefields of the battlegrounds and in the arena. Don't get me wrong in this thread. I want Retribution to be competitive and fun, in fact, I have no problem with giving my brethren a helping hand and teaching them how to use the Hammer of the Righteous ability. However, I can't help but wonder why so many other spells seem to have dropped out of my toolbox. I suppose even Protection Paladins can get knocked upside the head from behind, inducing a concussion which may lead to forgetfulness.

Apparently, if these current spells and talents make it to the next expansion, we will be clumsily forgetting how to cast Exorcism. This spell hurts me the most because, although I haven't been able to work it into my rotation for a long time, it was always my favorite spell. The sound it makes is unforgettable, isn't it? I believe every Paladin should be able to use it, and not just because it has continuously been improving since its introduction. Once it was only usable against certain evil foes, and now it's usable on anyone, and soon instantly. Please reconsider making this ability Retribution only.

Another spell that I'm already beginning to have trouble recollecting is....what was it again? Ugh. Oh, I think I remember now. Hammer of Wrath is the only reason I am occasionally able to defeat my enemies in life or death combat. Everyone has some defensive ability they usually save for when their lives are on the brink. Sometimes these defenses are an afterthought because they arise automatically, e.g. Cheat Death, Cauterize, Sacred Shield...*cough*. The Hammer of Wrath is a most necessary ability to have in the toolbox for anyone who deals damage and seeks to ultimately eliminate their enemies.

My memory is already fading. Maybe I'm just getting old. But before I forget entirely these abilities which are either being taken over exclusively by Retribution or removed outright from my skill set, which I once loved dearly, and hope to use in the future are the following:

Seal of Justice (improved, given to Ret only)
Inquisition (given to Ret only in Cata talented form)
Wrath of the Lightbringer (makes the one Holy Power builder for Prot not hit like a wet noodle)
Sacred Duty (a must have for Prot. MUST HAVE)

Last but not least, I would also like to mention that besides Shield of the Righteous, Protection will have no offensive ability to spend Holy Power on. I suggest convincing Retribution Paladins to share their knowledge of Divine Storm with us. Afterall, it's the least they could do.

Thank you, Blizzard, for working hard on improving our class in anticipation of MoP.

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#13 - 2012/03/13 07:13:00 PM
We've always wanted players to PvP as tank specs, and that can be a lot of fun, but tank spec PvP should be effective via an array of defensive and control abilities, not because of damage-dealing potential. It is our design intent that, overall, tanks have to sacrifice some DPS in order to make use of all their other strengths.

For comparison, many players would cry foul if healing specs did as much or more damage than DPS specs in PvP, and we want the same situation for tanks. In Battlegrounds, tanks often carve out a very interesting role, such as running the flag, or teaming up with a healer and capturing a node, or tanking an NPC. In Arenas, it is much harder to provide tanks with a compelling role, since the typical arena match often boils down to which team better executes a strategy of focusing fire on enemies. A tank is ultimately a target that nobody wants to focus down, who also can’t contribute as much to focusing down others.