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#0 - 2010/09/19 09:46:44 PM
I have spent over 1 thousand dollars on this game of wow over the years. Probably many of you have spent much more.

Thats just one subscription since near the start, cost of the expansions, 2 server changes and 2 racial changes.

I pay to play the game, not because I want to spend time on these miserable forms. I am tired of getting attitude from dev, making absurd remarks like oh rogues just like to cry or qq. No ignoramus, the rogue community (DK or RETlol too) hasn't paid millions of dollars because we want to come here and "cry" on your forms. As shocking as this maybe be to you, we actually want to spend our time playing the game along with everyone else who pays to plays this game.

Ditch the snide remarks and the idiotic stance that massive groups of players just come here to "qq" because somehow that is just fun or those people are just that way. Nonsense, the trend is there because the game is unfair.

.... update

Actually, I changed my mind about the DEVs after making this thread.

I make a post sharing candidly how I feel how the rogue situation has been over the last few years. Next thing i see is a bunch of douche bags posting all this crap in my thread spewing nonsense and mocking me.

There is too much crap on these forms for a sane person to have to sort though and try to figure out who is being candid and who is just a douche.

I don't see how I can rational object to anyone having a callous attitude to anything posted on these forms. There is just too much crap on here to have to sort though.

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#70 - 2010/09/20 05:31:59 AM
Q u o t e:
The root of the problem is you're not banned yet.

Fixed. Let's keep the discussion on class design, balance and mechanics and not the development team.