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#0 - 2010/09/19 06:01:57 AM
Rogues have a rich tradition in role playing lore/mmos and is a class by nature is attractive to play to many players. Stealthy, deadly and agile in lore but not so in game which has probably turned most players off from the class.

Rogue have drop to the least played as we have been dismantled over the years. You can read about in the hundreds and thousands of post threads clearly describing the situation on these forms. The question is why is blizzard purposely continuing to taking the route of ignoring the rogue community and refusing to make the rogue class, well play like a rogue.

Where is the damage, where is the mobility, where is the slipperiness

And what bothers me the most is where is the acknowledgement that rogues have serious problems that need to be fixed. Tired of seeing ignore/lock thread of players pouring out their hearts about their favorite class.

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#13 - 2010/09/19 07:02:34 AM
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Does blizzard regret creating rogues?

Only when they cry on the forums.