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#0 - 2009/10/28 02:17:16 PM
the only blue response you get is "thread locked", but they fail to read the problem presented.:P
*/wave at faileras*
Thanks for the wotf nerf, finally made me realise once and for all that blizz cares sh!t about rogues, and PvP in general. :>

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#5 - 2009/10/28 05:50:54 PM
Q u o t e:

If you want a response from Blizz, you'd need to follow the forum rules. If, like the locked thread, you ask them with 'foul' language etc, they'll merely lock it without a response. When you can't post constructively, you don't deserve a response.

This is pretty much the truth :-)

These forums are primarily a place for player to discuss the game between themselves, thus you cannot expect to receive a response from us or developers whenever you post feedback. I know this can be frustrating when you feel strongly about a topic that is important to you, but that being said, we do value your feedback and we do forward your feedback and concerns to the developers constantly.

If you are unable to respect the forum rules and fail to grasp the concept of civil and constructive communication however, then you will get feedback from us, but it will most surely be the kind of feedback that you do not want. In those cases you can expect to see your threads getting locked, your posts being removed and even your account being banned from the forums.