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#1 - 2012/02/26 06:24:00 PM
So me and my friend (irl) was gonna do a tbc raid for transmorg , we are both very random so he said after we killed a boss.
Me:"VERY GOOD, SO GOOD U CAN HAVE THIS!!! /trade him 7,5k gold
Him:(very serious) Wow thanks
Me: Heh its a joke :) give it back
Him: Why? u gave me it?
Me: I was just kidding, NOW GIVE IT BACK,
Him: But why did u give me it then?

All ends up with that he buys Master/veteran flying for 8000g, and i got very,Very VERY MAD!!!
I started crying but diddent want him to see it so i said "<snip> of!!, thats not <snip> nice!"

Plz i just really want my gold back, i have speaked with my friend and he is very very sorry for what he did.

So if it works he would be glad to remove his 310% flying and give me my 7,5k gold back.

#Note# To all, yes i am a nerd and for pvp'ers its really hard to get gold, i dont really like pve'ing/playing on the ah so its very hard for me to get gold.

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#22 - 2012/02/26 07:29:00 PM
Good evening Zautzo,

Leaving aside some of the less constructive comments from this thread, if the situation genuinely did unfold as you describe it, and your friend is now willing to request a removal of his riding skill so that he’d be able to give you your gold back, it’s important that he submits a ticket to our in-game support team as soon as possible.

Unfortunately I certainly cannot guarantee whether it’ll be possible for us to assist him (and please take note that it would need to be him making the request, and not you yourself), but it’s very important that such tickets are created within as short a time as possible from the actual incident occurring, in order to maximise the chances we’ll be able to help.

Best of luck, either with your friend’s help petition or with coming to an agreement with him on a methods or means to perhaps pay you back the gold over time. :)

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#24 - 2012/02/26 08:22:00 PM
As a final post in this topic, I’m afraid the above is really not something I can agree with. If your friend submits a ticket and a representative deems it not possible to assist, I would strongly advise against creating any additional requests.

Our support staff have a fairly comprehensive set of policies to follow when it comes to restoration requests, and the time limits within which it’s possible to help, so I’m sorry to say that to all intents and purposes if it’s a ‘no’ then it will stay that way.