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Hello there, You may be reading this because you’re interested in making a Hunter, but do not know how the class is, you may be leveling a hunter right now and want some tips and tricks, or you just want to keep up to date on hunters, so I’ve been making this simple, but filling guide to the class I love the most, Enjoy. ~Elunathiel~
1. Beginning
- Information about hunters
- Creation
- Pro’s / Con’s
- Lvling
- Stats
- Pets (cata pet info on last post (word count))
- Aspects
2. Game play
- PvE
- PvP (this section is just to give an overwiev to how the pvp is for a hunter not actual pvp tactics or play)
- Solo play
3. Talents
- Beast mastery
- Markmanship
- Survival
4. Boosts
- Professions
- Enchants
- Gems n’ glyphs
- Buffs
5. Tips & Tricks
- Macros
- Addons
- Notes

Ah hello there, so you’ve finally decided to join us, eh? Well then, let me tell you a little bit about the class.
The hunter is a PURE damage class, Hunters cannot tank nor can they heal. And to add to that, Hunters are a Ranged class, meaning we are pretty much useless in melee. The hunter requires to be at least 5 yards away from its target to shoot. Hunters can use Leather -> Mail items, and requires a Bow/Crossbow/gun to be able to use the majority of their attacks.

Races that can be hunter:
Human(cata), Nightelf, Draenei, Worgen(cata), Dwarf,
Undead(cata), Bloodelf, Orc, Troll, Tauren, Goblin(cata)

It does not really matter wich race you choose to play as a hunter, as none of the racials are game breaking overpowered for the hunters, but there some “nice” ones out there for us, and ill list them for you.
Draenei - Heroic presence(1% hit aura) / Gift of the Naruu (Heal based on Attack power)

Worgen – Viciousness (1% crit) / Darkflight (increases movement speed by 70% for 10 secounds) / aberration (Reduces duration of curses and diseases on you by 15%)

Dwarf - Gun specialization (increases chance to critically hit with guns by 1%) / Stoneform (Removes all poison, disease and bleed effects on you and increases armor by 10% for 8 sec) / Frost resistance (reduces chance to get hit by frost spells by 2%)

Nightelf – Nature resistance (reduces chance to get hit by nature spells by 2%) / Quickness (reduces chance to get hit by melee and ranged attacks by 2%) / Shadowmeld (basicly a standstill stealth, good for leaving combat if pet dies and you can’t handle the mob)

Human – Every man for himself (basicly a pvp trinket) (the other human racials is not useful for hunters as a class)

Undead – Shadow resistance (reduces chance to get hit by shadow spells by 2%)/ Will of the forsaken (pvp trinket that does not remove stun) / Cannibalize (eats corpse, heals 7% of total health each 2 sec for 10 sec)

Bloodelf – Magic resistance (reduces chance to get hit by spells by 2%) (arcane torrent is good to a point, but since we're getting Focus in cata, it's useless(except for pvp ofcourse))

Orc – Blood fury (increases attack power by X for 15 sec) / command (Damage dealt by pets increased by 5%) / Hardiness (Reduces duration of stun effects by 15%)

Troll – Beast slaying (damage done to beasts increased by 5%) / Berserking (increases attack / casting speed by 20% for 10 sec) / Bow specialization (increases chance to critically hit with bows by 1%) / Da voodoo shuffle (reduces duration of movement impairing effects by 15%) / Renegation (health renegation increased by 10% + 10% renegation while in combat)

Goblin – Time is money (Increases attack and casting speed by 1%) / Rocket barrage (does X amount of damage to target, 2min cooldown, shares cooldown with rocket jump) / Rocket jump (opposite of Disengage, you jump forward, can be used outside of combat. 2 min cooldown and shares CD with rocket barrage) / Pack hobgoblin (summons a hobgoblin banker for you to use for 1 minute, 30 min CD) / Fast track (Experience gained increased by 5%)

Pro’s n’ Cons
Pro’s: Hunters are a high output damage machine, We have our own controllable pets with unique spells and skins (warlocks, dream on), We can use medium armor like mail and leather, making us able to take a few more hits than our squishy friends the warlocks and mages. Hunters are able to solo far more content of the game than other classes (except the paladin that is..) are easy to learn, fun to play, and is a great team-player.

Con’s: as of Wrath of the Lichking, we are still required to carry with us large amounts of ammo (bullets/arrows) taking up our bag slots. (this is changed in cata, no more ammo! Yay) if we’re out of Ammo, we are useless. We are close to useless in melee(so avoid letting those mobs near you) You’re pet is your lifeline, if you’r pet dies and you have no clear treath spells(feign death, shadowmeld) you’re basically doomed if you can’t handle the mob. Do not need to buff(also a con)
Mana and focus this is a pro/con. As of Wotlk, we have mana, but in cata we have focus. Mana lets us lash out damage as long as we have some mana, in cata, you have to wait to use your attacks, much like the rogue. However this will not affect your normal pve rotation, as Steady shot increases renegation rate of Focus instead of spending focus. Cannot buff.

Hunters are from time to time labeled as the best class to level up, it’s easy, relatively quick and without any major problems. There’s some debate about what Specc is the best to level up with, some say its Beast master, others say marksman. I personally leveled as a beast master hunter because I just love the BM specc. However, all speccs are viable leveling speccs. -= I advise you to start spamming dungeons as soon as possible, as it’s the best way to get experience at lower levels =-

Level 1-20, get to know your class. These levels are the levels where you get to know the class and “learn the ropes” so to say. At level 10 (Wotlk) or lvl 1 (cata) you get the ability to tame and control pets. You can basically auto attack your way through these levels as nothing is a challenge.

Level 21-40, new spells, pet control. The levels from 20 to 40 are where you get a lot of new buttons to mash and starting to learn some pet control. Still, a “send in pet, auto attack /afk” is enough to get through these levels without any problems.

Level 41-60, Exotic pets(BM) Greater pet control, small rotations. As you’re halfway in the leveling process, you are starting to get some decent knowledge of the class. Mobs start to get “tougher” but still not a major challenge. You may consider switching your pet or at least getting a off-pet to tank for you. Best choices would be a Bear/turtle/crab. You will start doing minor rotations to get more damage.

Level 61-80, Full rotation, maximum dps pet. So you’ve reached the upper levels, have you? Congrats. At this time of the game it’s about time you start preparing for the end game. DPS is a important thing, and to get it to the point you want it, everything needs to be sorted out, Get a wolf or a raptor (WILL UPDATE LATER WHEN I GET MORE INFO ABOUT HUNTER PETS IN CATA), (devilsaur or spirit beast if you’re a beastmaster)

Level 81-85, Experienced hunter. Welcome to the Cataclysm friend. As you should know by now, your Rotations and pet control starts to matter more and more, you may consider practicing Kiting* as it may come in useful *hint hint*

The Hunter stats are Simple stats, I will list them in two lists, one for Wotlk and one for Cataclysm.
Wotlk Stats
Attack power
Critical strike rating
Armor Penetration
Hit rating (only up to 8% hit)

Cataclysm Stats
Haste rating
Stats other than these should be avoided, as other classes need them more.

“This is my pet, there are many like it, but this one is mine. Without me, my pet is useless, without my pet, I am useless.”

Ah, finally. My favorite part about the hunter, the pet. The hunter pet is unlike any other pet in the game, it can be controlled by its master, there are tons of pets to choose from, and they have 3 pet families with 3 different talent trees. Each to fulfill its own role. To choose a pet is no easy task, trust me. Luckily we hunters get some long wanted love in the cataclysm, allowing us to store more pets. Also, hunters will start with pets at level 1 in cataclysm! I will list these pets afterwards.
The choice of pet should be based on what kind of hunter you are, and what you’re going to use it for. In example, A pvp hunter would maybe like a Spider or a crab,( or maybe a corehound for beastmasters). While a pve hunter would use a Wolf or raptor (Devilsaur or spirit beast for beastmasters) ofcourse, these are not the only choices. A hunter who loves to quest and do stuff alone would want a tanking pet like a Warpstalker or a turtle.

why Wolf or devilsaur?
Well, to say it as simple as possible, damage. Most Hunters who are not Specced in BM, will have a wolf as a raiding pet because of its Pet family ability: Furious Howl; giving both the hunter and the pet a Neat attackpower boost.
BM hunters on the other side, will pick a Devilsaur because of the Pet family skill; Monstrous bite, wich boosts the damage of the devilsaur by 3% - stacking up to 3 sec, (lasts 12 sec)

If you’re looking for Pet skins, abilities or Locations, your best choice would be

Races and pets.
Human – Wolf
Draenei - Moth
Worgen – british bulldog
Nightelf – Cat
Dwarf – Bear
Orc – Boar
Troll – Raptor
Tauren – Tallstrider
Undead – Plaguebat
Bloodelf – Dragonhawk
Goblin – Crab

As you Level up, you will find more and more Aspects trainable, I will list them here
Aspect of the monkey : increases chance to dodge by 18% (untale

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