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#0 - 2009/10/28 02:49:12 PM
LoH nerfed on PTR, no more usable on self.
Check MMO champ and the NA forum.

* Sacred Shield can now only occur every 30 sec. (Up from 6 sec)
* Lay on Hands can no longer be cast on yourself.
* Infusion of Light now also reduces the cooldown on the effect of Sacred Shield by 12/24 sec.
* Aura Mastery now lasts 6 sec. (Down from 10 sec)

Our best BG/world pvp cooldown (eventhough not usable in arena) is gone.
BG and world pvp will be serious business in cataclysm so this is definitely a nerf.
Not to mention the raid wipe saver utility.

We better get something very, VERY BIG in return.
*dreams snares and silences"

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#4 - 2009/10/28 03:04:35 PM