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#0 - 2010/09/14 02:47:43 AM
ok. i read the new patch notes and it says "near enchanting trainers". i have looked high and low in org and TB and not found them. anyone else find them yet?

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#10 - 2010/09/14 03:30:53 AM
We've been creating a lot of builds lately for 4.0.1 and Cataclysm beta, so Reforging NPCs may not yet be available. As with all PTR processes, the patch notes are not comprehensive. Some changes may not be reflected in the notes, while others may not yet be available in the current build.

If Reforging is not yet active, it should be in an upcoming build. We want to give players a chance to try out the new feature. With all of the class changes going in, Reforging will allow players the opportunity to customize their gear a bit more before Cataclysm actually ships. It will also allow you to add Mastery to existing items if you so choose.

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#20 - 2010/09/14 03:56:46 AM
Q u o t e:

Thank you for changing your minds on this, are we going to see new world soon too?

The world will not be changing in patch 4.0.1. We are planning to apply those changes in patch 4.0.3 shortly before Cataclysm launch.

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#25 - 2010/09/14 04:13:28 AM
Q u o t e:

Ah, this means we can expect maybe...the new race/class combos? Quest changes? Only time will tell.

New race/class combinations and changes to the old world (including quests) should be patch 4.0.3. I know it's kind of confusing since we typically release one major patch right before the release of the next expansion. In this case, many of the systems changes will be added in 4.0.1, while a lot of content changes will be added in 4.0.3.

The expansion will then provide players with access to the new races, new zones, level 85 cap, flight in Azeroth, Archaeology, etc.

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#31 - 2010/09/14 04:32:32 AM
Q u o t e:
Let me know if I got this right:

Patch 4.0.1 will launch several weeks before Cataclysm ships, similar to 2.0.1 and 3.0.2. It will include:

- New launcher
- Class changes
- Stat changes
- Talent tree overhaul
- Glyph changes
- Reforging?
- Mastery? (although it might not be useful until Cataclysm)

Patch 4.0.3 will launch shortly before Cataclysm ships. Based on what Tom Chilton and others have said, this will include (without purchase of Cataclysm):

- Cataclysm intro cinematic and login screen
- Revamped classic Eastern Kingdom and Kalimdor zones
- New race/class combinations for existing races
- Graphics improvements (water, etc)
- Guild leveling system?

Cataclysm will ship shortly afterwards and buying it will unlock:

- Level 85 level cap
- 525 Profession skill caps
- Goblins and Worgen, and their starter zones
- New Level 80+ zones, dungeons, heroics, raids
- New battlegrounds
- Rated battlegrounds
- Flying mounts in Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor
- Archaeology
- 310% speed flying mounts?

Please correct anything I got wrong or missed

That looks almost right. Guild Advancement/Achievements should go under Cataclysm launch though and mount speed changes should be moved up to 4.0.1.

Edit: Just in case I misunderstood you -- or in case I'm misunderstood -- when I say mount speed changes should be in 4.0.1, I'm referring to the ability to use any flying mount at 310% speed if you have already earned a mount of that speed.