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#0 - 2010/09/13 03:52:08 PM
I had a help thread with the last PTR, I did my best to help and other people were nice enough to assist, and all the solutions for problems were collected. This will take a bit of time to get sorted, please just post your questions.

If you see your question posted DON'T ASK AGAIN. I will get around to answering them and putting them into the posts.

First post
-Client Downloading and Installation
  • Downloader crashing randomly/error messages (BlizzarDownloader already running) Windows 7, Vista, XP and Mac solution
  • Unable to Stream and play
  • Updater connection timeout

  • -Character Copying
  • Pre-made characters not appearing in Character List
  • Can not copy character

  • Second post
    -In-game technical problems
  • Graphic and texture problem when in-game
  • No water effect, or water of any kind
  • Death Knights, currently broke?
  • LUA Errors on Graphics Options
  • Game crashes inside Blood Elf areas

  • -Client Technical problems
  • Unable to Validate Game Version
  • Crashes on blood elf, draenei and human characters
  • ERROR #0 (0x85100000) Assertion Failure
  • Unable to switch WoW accounts

  • Client Downloading and installation
    Any problems downloading and installing the client
    Installation FAQ found here:

    -Downloader crashing randomly/error messages (BlizzarDownloader already running)
    Q u o t e:
    Follow these steps to correct your issue:
    * Close down the installer
    * Hold CTRL + ALT and press delete
    *[[If you are on Windows Vista or Windows 7, choose "Start Task Manager"]]
    * Click the process pane
    * Find and kill the process "BlizzardDownloader"
    * Open the client again

    Q u o t e:
    * Close down the installer
    * Open Applications/Utilities/Application Monitor
    * Find and Force Quit the process "BlizzardDownloader"
    * Open the client again

    Thanks to Hasani of Tarren Mill, Eparox of Laughing Skull and Pauladeen of Stormscale

    -Unable to Stream and play (Downloaded a few gigs but can not play)
    Q u o t e:
    Make sure you close your launcher. Open your WTF folder, open with notepad. You should see something like this :

    SET userspeed "XXXXX"

    Write a really big number where I put XXXX, something like 10000000. This way when you open your launcher again it thinks your download speed is great and let you play. When I did this launcher just stuck few minutes (it installed something) and that button turned to yellow !
    Thanks to Mordrain of Haomarush

    -Updater connection timeout
    Q u o t e:
    I was suffering this issue. It doesn't seem to related to firewalls or port as I have all the required ports forwarded on router and also shut down my software firewall. Here's how I solved it:

    1. Go to C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft Public Test\Temp
    2. Run wow-
    3. The updated tools will download/install.
    4. The launcher will relaunch and begin downloading PTR data

    Hope this helps

    Thanks to Catdruid of Nordrassil

    Character Copying
    Problems with Character Copying

    -Pre-made characters not appearing in Character List
    This problem has been around since the last patch was tested, and it's one I am all too familiar with. Unfortunately there's no actual solution, you need to be patient and wait for them to appear. You may keep trying if you wish, but Wryxian suggests not to.

    -Can not copy character
    As of right now, the Character Copy for premade and original characters is down. It seems the EU division were thrown into the PTR without realising they were supposed to open it. They are working hard so for now please be patient.

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    #17 - 2010/09/13 09:37:26 PM
    Stickied! :-) Just like your last PTR thread, this is very helpful for people -- nice effort!

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    #32 - 2010/09/14 01:29:55 PM
    Q u o t e:
    That's good to hear Kortikus, I'll update my post.

    As for the character copy, back in the last PTR your character copies did not go down, and when I tried this myself yesterday my character copies did not go down then either, that's why I suggested it. But in all fairness you should do as Wryxian says since he's a blue :)
    We just want to try and ensure as many people as possible avoid further frustration. It could be that the copy count does get reset but it's probably best to assume it won't and be super cautious with copying characters until we can confirm it's safe to use.