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#1 - 2012/02/21 11:57:00 AM
Ok , i used to love blizz and i still do, but after my friend and i stopped play yday night, he came on later to log in and it says he has been banned for botting. Seriously ? You cant get real botters banned so you banned someone for Rafing just cause he leveled to fast? what the....

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#24 - 2012/02/21 05:10:00 PM
Hi Herzen.

It sounds like your friend has probably fallen victim to a phishing scam. Please have him check through this information thread:

Fake or ‘Phishing’ E-mails from Blizzard

If he's answered the email or clicked any of the links in it, he will probably need to treat his computer and account as compromised:

[Guide] How to SCAN and SECURE your PC

Account Hacked/Stolen? CLICK HERE!