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#1 - 2012/02/16 06:38:00 AM
Place to discuss buffs and tell me how stupid I am for missing Buff X from Class Y.

Just saying this now: WE'RE IN THE MOP FORUM. EVERYTHING IN THIS POST IS ABOUT MOP! Any posts wondering why I didn't list your Cata buffs will be ignored and reported for spam!

Edit: No, I am NOT QQing about all the buffs not being ready. Kaivax already let me know they were a little behind in the buff department, and that's perfectly fine (I was unaware of that though and thought they were ahead, so hence the "QQ sounding" post.

So I went through all the classes and noticed a few buffs are limited to one class or a few speccs. Isn't the whole point of buff consolidation to get AWAY from the whole "ALWAYS bring a shaman for heroism" back in BC/LK?

Anyways, here's the list I have so far. If I missed any, please help me with a reply!

(Also, for the time being, it's JUST buffs. I might add debuffs later)

+30% Haste Raid Cooldown: Time Warp (Mage), Bloodlust / Heroism (Horde Shaman / Alliance Shaman)

+Strength and Agility (Bugged?): Horn of Winter (Death Knight)

+Primary Stats: Mark of Wild (Druid), Blessing of Kings (Paladin)

+Mastery: Blessing of Might (Paladin), Grace of Air (Shaman)

+Stamina: Power Word: Fortitude (Priest), Blood Pact (Warlock - IMP) Commanding Shout (Warrior)

+Attack Power: Trueshot Aura (Hunter - MARKSMANSHIP), Battle Shout (Warrior)

+Physical (Melee+Ranged) Haste: Hunting Party (Hunter - SURVIVAL), Swiftblade's Cunning (Rogue)

+Spell Power: Arcane Brilliance (Mage), Burning Wrath (Shaman), Dark Intent (Warlock)

+Spell Haste: Moonkin Aura (Druid - BALANCE), Shadowform (Priest - SHADOW)

+Crit: Leader of the Pack (Druid - FERAL & GUARDIAN)

So what happened to all the classes that had +Crit? Now it's ONLY limited to two speccs when it was on like five? Why do DKs get STR+AGI when no one else does? Why do Mages and Warlocks only give one buff each? (I guess two if you count Time Warp, but then THREE for shaman if you include heroism...) I really don't get it... I understand that things aren't finalized, but I thought we were getting better with buffs, not worse .-.

Updated: Missed Grace of Air for Shamans.

Updated: Missed Blood Pact from Warlock Imps. Also, thank you for the response, Kaivax. :) Wasn't sure if Buffs were necessarily ready, hence the reason for the post!

Updated: Stupidly forgot to add speccs to Trueshot Aura and Hunting Party.

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#7 - 2012/02/16 06:15:00 PM
At this point in the development cycle, there hasn't yet been a finish put on buffs. As we've said elsewhere, we wanted to get the talent calculator updated sooner, rather than wait around for more details on related subjects to be fully developed.

We're considering publishing a developer's blog on the subject of buffs as quickly as we can.