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#1 - 2012/02/15 09:57:00 PM
EDIT: Added some questions that hopefully our Beta mages can help us answer, see last post of thread

Let us consolidate in this thread.

To start with:

Outstanding Issues/Questions/Clarifications needed
- Can the DoT portion of Arcane and Living Bomb trigger Arcane Missiles?
- What is Inferno Blast's interaction with the Flamestrike DoT, does it "double up", "only apply to targets that don't have the DoT" or "refresh duration"?

Answered Questions
These have now been answered:

- Does Arcane Charge have a duration?
Yes. It is currently 8 seconds.

- What is "base mana regeneration"? How does mana regen work for casters (or mages)?
Answer: Healers get a significant amount of mana regeneration from Spirit, even during combat. Additionally, all mana users have a small amount of mana regeneration -- currently about 1% of maximum mana per second. With Invocation, that 1%/sec is removed. Things like Innervate will still allow you to regenerate mana, but you won’t passively regenerate any with Invocation.

- What is the range for Alter time concerning the "moves too far away" part?
Answer: 100 yards. It’s mostly just to indicate that it won’t reverse taking a portal to Dalaran or something.

- Is AM a proc?
Answer: Yes, Arcane Missiles is still activated via a proc from your other direct damage spells.

- Does Arcane Bomb have a target limit?
Answer: Currently, no. We’re hoping it won’t be needed.Changes

- Armors redesigned. Each now gives a stat bonus. Frost is 'casting speed' (assumed 'haste'), Mage is mastery, Molten is crit. Each are 5%. Plus original effect(s). (i.e. Frost slows, Molten reduces physical effects, Mage reduces magical effects).
- Flamestrike no longer slows targets.
- Blizzard now has inherent 50% snare.
- Remove curse now has 8 second cooldown.
- Improved blink, gone.
- Arcane Brilliance now flat 10% spellpower buff
- Wanding removed (only mentioned since warlocks have an actual skill called "auto wand" that is not present for mages).
- Mana shield, gone (so has the knockback).
- Alter time now has a 'range' requirement. i.e. you have stay within range of where you activated the spell to benefit from it.

- AB mechanic redesigned, concept of "Arcane Charges" added. Damage increase mechanic only works on AB, AM and ABr (i.e. no AE and no Arcane Bomb).
Arcane Charges increase each spells damage by 25% (also increases AB's mana cost), stacks to 4 and doesn't seem to have a duration. Can only be cleared by ABr.
- ABr can now 'cleave' based on stacks.
- Arcane Orb removed.
- Slow's "reduced GCD" effect removed.

- Combustion mildly redesigned. Clamped to only do additional damage based off of Pyroblast, Ignite and Flamestrike (i.e. no LB).
- Critical Mass added/redesigned. Adds inherent 30% crit modifier to Fireball, FFB, Pyroblast and Scorch.
- Inferno blast clamped. Will only spread specific dots (no LB).
- Flame Orb removed.

- FoF design enhanced. Added Frostbolt (20%) and Frost Orb (50%) chances to proc FoF.
- BF proc attached to talented bomb spells.

- Polymorph tier gone
- Blazing speed activation now decoupled from snares, tied instead to damage done in 1 hit (>2% HP). CD reduced (?)
- Arcane Bomb changed to 'randomly damage 1 target for 50% in range'. Target limit seemingly removed.
- Frost Bomb effected by haste (both CD and countdown)
- Damage reduction added to Greater Invis. Cooldown reduced.
- RoF, coalesce removed. Cast time added
- Host of spells off the GCD (PoM, Ice floes, Blazing speed, Cold Snap, Temporal shield)
- Ice flows cooldown reduced
- Mana tier added (final tier)
- Temporal Shield *new*
- PoM cd increased (1.5 mins)editing as I move forward. Let me know what I missed.

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#31 - 2012/02/16 12:44:00 AM
I'm going to answer some of these questions in the main thread:

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#115 - 2012/02/17 08:06:00 PM
Updated the OP with a new question:

"Does Arcane Charge have a duration?"

Yes. It is currently 8 seconds.