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#1 - 2012/02/05 03:50:00 PM
Hi Blizz Cm's

I noticed on mmo champ that your us counterparts send out 100.000 diablo III beta keys,

When are we getting some love like that ? im Dying for a challenge and standing all day long in SW becouse i got nothing else to do kinda gets boring after a while. Diablo 3 would make a really nice difference to that since i can stay in touch with my friends ingame while i actually do something FUN again for a change.

so kinda my main question : is there anything planned for us Eu players? as in are we getting those lovely beta keys aswell? <3

on another note , anybody know if there is a client in the works that allows you to communicate with people ingame without actually being online (next to paying 2.50 on your phone). with the battletag/realid thingy etc it would be so awsome to actually be able to stay in touch trough this platform with people you met along the years. strenghtening the ties and improving our love for the company that gave me 6 awsome years of wow.

*on a note i could state 7 awsome years but unfortionatly cataclysm just does not qualify for it. Reasons : Molten front dailies , Firelands , Looking for Raid , Dragon soul..... aka Lack of challenge / just plain boring. I still got my hopes up for a couple more years of fun , but it will all depend on the upcoming months, Till we get some new content its mainly : Log on wed, clear all , idle rest of week in SW since you got nothing else to do.

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#2 - 2012/02/06 04:28:00 PM
You can find more information on the Diablo III forums, here :