Regional FlagPlease nerf protection warriors in PvPSource
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#0 - 2010/09/06 09:34:52 AM
It's a joke because I'm low level at the minute as well I use cheap shot rupture them when i get my 5 combo maximum , vanish cheap shot again, you think it would work a treat wouldn't you? No the warriors have usually dodged all my attacks and hut me for a ridiculous amount of damage, their HP is also an issue seen a tauren warrior with nearly 3k hp in bg yesterday, and since I had no stun-lock effects at that time i.e kidney shot so the warrior had my hp out in 1 hit. I try disarming but again it's no use. To add insult to injury they have that "fear " spell by that time you have rupture on you and the dots make you die!!

Do you agree something isn't right there??

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#21 - 2010/09/06 01:03:28 PM

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