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#1 - 2012/01/18 08:28:00 AM
I can't say this with full certainty, but the last days in every BG I've been in, the number of bots is almost greater than that of human players.
You all seen them, running around the fields, stopping at targets, no jumpin, no going behind targets, just face to face bashing it off.

Best one so far was a twin peaks battle, 5 horde and 5 alliance bots near the middle bridge, all in one big lump just standing stationary and bashing each other...
I'm not whining or complaining as much as I'm laughing at this because it's just too funny to watch.

But, I'd like to know what does Blizz have in mind to removing this,
since a lot of people are obviously more concerned about this than me,
and willing to quit after bots have taken over BGs and it's
soon rare to see real players anymore.

So, let us all know how you're going to try solving this issue Blizz, so we can help you with suggestions in forhand, and don't have to wait a year for some patch that then won't actually fix anything at all. Like a... how do you say, cat in a sack, or pig in bag ?
Not only have you utterly failed so far to stop bots, but they've upgraded too.
Bots only used to walk 1 direction a while ago, now they have multiple waypoint paths that they roam and CAN FIGHT too !

Oh hey, wait, I got it...
This bot issue looks like lemons, why not make it into lemonade?
Slap "world of Botwars" onto the game as a subtitle, and charge us 19,99 $$$.
You win, bots win, we think we are fighting bots on purpose, and everyone is happy.

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#13 - 2012/01/18 06:28:00 PM
Greetings Titaníca,

I’m sorry to hear that you feel the number of players making use of third-party programs to automate gameplay in battlegrounds is on the rise, but please allow me to assure you that this is a matter we take very seriously, and we’re continually working to combat this type of practice in more ways than one.

Unfortunately, it’s not really possible for us to go into any level of detail regarding precisely how our countermeasures operate nor explain our investigation procedures, as I’m sure you can understand – increased public information of this kind would likely be of more assistance to those using or making this type of software, than to concerned players wondering if their reports have sufficient effect.

Let me state, however, that we do very much appreciate the time taken by anyone making an in-game petition to report this type of behaviour to us, and our support teams will always investigate and take any appropriate action in accordance with our policies in this regard. :)