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#1 - 2012/01/16 05:32:00 PM
To Developers,

Following issue I have found with LFR.

1. When asked to accept invitation to LFR raid and you dont answer the invitation after a set time limit, you get invited automatically anyway. If feel if you dont answer, system should automatically decline you.
2. If you have declined a specific LFR raid invite for some reason, the system still tries to invite you to the same raid. As a healer this sometimes gets annoying getting spammed the same raid invite. I feel it should not try to reinvite you to the same raid you have declined.
3. I am unable to /w people in raid who belong to servers with 2 word names i.e. Shattered Halls etc.

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#2 - 2012/01/17 12:05:00 PM
Hi there, Gulvan.

Thanks for posting your findings. If you could repost this into our bug report sticky that would be really helpful, as we track all of the reported issues via that thread:

4.3 Known Issues & Bug Reports

Regarding whispering players on other realms, one workaround you could try is leaving out the space in the realm name, e.g., /w Player-BurningLegion Kill ALL the whelps!

Some players have had success with this method, and hopefully it will help you too. :)