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#1 - 2012/01/17 06:43:00 AM
Hello community of World of Warcraft.
Today, i want to discuss something that has been in the game since the day the game was created; Botters.
Wow has all kinds of botters, Gathering botters. Mining/Herblorism, Leveling botters and the gold botters.
In the end it is all for real $ anyway..
But what i am wondering is what is blizzard going to do about them, it is obviously against the rules and it would be not fair to the 'farmers' who are not using bots, like me.
Like this morning, i am flying around in Uldum for my daily JC rounds, gather some Elementium/Pyrite nodes to prospect, but all i find is level 80-85 botters botting the nodes.
You can /W them, they won't answer, you can follow them , they will just not notice you are there, they don't even target you, and when you kill one of the other faction it is just respawning over and over again ( Which is free 10x honor for me, but it is just not worth it)
Now the only thing you can do is report them, so i did..
Dear blizzard, i opened a ticker with the title: Botters in Uldum, i even named a few characters, the avarage waiting time was 8 hours so i decided to go offline.
The next day, and now it gets really funny, i get this responce:

Dear Tukkéred,

The status of your Customer Support ticket #XXXXXXX has changed to "Answered."

You can view your ticket details or check its status by clicking the link below.
This is the latest response from Customer Support:

The suspension of your WoW account has now been removed, and you should be able to log in at your convenience.
Having looked into your issue, it appears that your account has been compromised using a key logger or trojan virus, or through an e-mail or website phishing scam. The first thing you should do before logging in, is follow the Security Checklist on our Account Security Site, which can be found at:

For more information about this topic, you can visit our Blizzard Customer Support Videos:

and choose the video:

“WoW - What to do after being hacked

Please note that interactive guides are available in English but subtitles for other languages can be activated by clicking on the CC button below the video.

Your password has been reset and you will receive further details in a separate e-mail. This mail will be sent from If you can't locate your password, please make sure to add to your contact list (and check your junk/spam folder). This can most easily be achieved by sending a blank mail to that address, which automatically ensures future mails will be accepted and put in your inbox.

Please make sure you have performed a virus scan before using this password. You will be able to change this password at your leisure, after logging in to your Account Management page at:

If you need more information on how to change your password, please check the following Blizzard Support article:

Obviously, this has 10000000% nothing to do with the ticket created by me,
And lulwut, a trojan/virus? My computer is OK.
I also never gotten a password reset or another e-mail...

Explain me blizzard, is this what you do for your paying members, sending people automtic created answers on their tickets, i bet not even a single employe have been looking into the ticket

Im looking forward to answers from the blue ones.
Other than that, discuss about how to deal with futured bots.
Will we just need to report over and over and desperatly wait till bliz ban them. Or is there an more effecitve way, anyone has any mining related solutions about what to do with botters?

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#6 - 2012/01/17 11:40:00 AM
Hi there, Tukkéred.

I'm very sorry about this. It looks like, as Shantotto suggested, a response meant for another player was sent to you by mistake.

Had the proper response been sent, it would have thanked you for reporting the suspected bot. You did the right thing by contacting us and, despite what this mistake might suggest, we really appreciate your help. :)