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#0 - 2010/08/30 02:48:14 AM
So a couple of hours ago everyone's favourite crab posted a request for Cataclysm talent tree feedback on the US forums. Seeing as we obviously can't reply to that, here is a similar thread for EU feedback;

Q u o t e:
We're interested in opinions on which current Cataclysm talent trees you find the most exciting.

Ground rules:

1) It isn't of much use to us if you like a talent tree because of one particular ability. That tells us little about the talent tree as a whole.

2 )Likewise, your opinion won't count as much (in our minds anyway) if you like a talent tree just because it has all the talents you wish *your* class had. In that same vein, this is probably one case where you're more objective when you find that you like your own talent tree rather than just being all wistful about someone else's toys.

3 )Please try and stick to the talent trees themselves and not use this thread for your laundry list of ideas to improve your class.

4) Brevity is the soul of wit.

Another way to think about this: Which classes benefited the most (in the sense of coolness, not necessarily raw power) from the talent overhaul?

For reference, Cataclysm talent calculator can be found here, courtesy of Dubhar:

Keep it constructive!

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#19 - 2010/08/31 01:19:15 PM
Thanks for posting your feedback on this guys :-)

We would love it though, if you could please repost it in the sticky thread we made for this topic: