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#0 - 2010/08/31 01:11:37 PM
We would like to hear your opinions on the current Cataclysm talent trees, or to be more precise, we are interested in hearing which of the 30 Cataclysm talent trees you find the most exciting and interesting.

If you were to look at the current Cataclysm talent trees in regards of coolness and fun (not raw power or efficiency), which classes do you think have benefited the most from the talent changes?

A few guidelines in regards to your feedback:
  • Please try to keep your feedback brief and to the point.
  • Please post about the talent trees as a whole, and not about specific talents in the trees.
  • Please do not post from the viewpoint of class balance.
  • Please do not focus your feedback on comparing talents between classes.
  • Please try to not turn your feedback into a list of ideas or suggestions to improve your class.