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#1 - 2012/01/13 04:00:00 PM

Welcome to the Community News! There is always some interesting news, fan fiction, comic, artwork, guide or machinima that is worth sharing. In this blog we will provide you with a recap of this week's latest news and community highlights!

This week's news from Azeroth

MMO Champion's Transmogrification lists
If you missed it last week, MMO Champion posted a handy list of the most transmogrified cloaks, along with the favorite rogue and druid transmogrification items too.

Nagrand Arena Showdown
WazopVids' first attempt at WoW machinima has resulted in this short-but-sweet video featuring some Nagrand Arena action.

WoW 64 bit client on the PTR
The guys over at the fan site have tested the 64 bit PTR client, which has resulted in an interesting article as well as a guide on how to test this client for yourself.

The Journal of Lumin the Hunter
"A wild video appears!" Lumin has now unveiled the third page of 'The Journal of Lumin the Hunter' chronicling his adventures. "You have no doubt heard the hushed whispers of Lumin the Bard..." Now you also see them on video!

Ho Ho Horgrimmar
Lukali continues to produce some amazing work, see her depiction of Garrosh meeting up with Santa for his present!

Found something cool or want to share your own creation? Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages as well as our official fansites throughout the week, if you want to stay on top of community updates as they become available.

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