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#0 - 2010/08/30 12:16:33 AM
I noticed i gathered so many macros over the years and now noticed how impossible it would be to play without them... so i decided to share them with all you new warriors (and others):

If you don't know how to make a macro type /macro, press new, give it a name (i like to name them "." coz the writing on the button bugs me), select a icon representing of what your making, press okay. Now click that icon on the left and copy paste the lines bellow in the big box, then drag the icon you made to your bars and enjoy your multifunctional buttons!

1. Improved Last Stand!. Use all those spells/items with 1 click! This works even outside of global cd but spam it a bit since frenzy regen needs a GCD (i recommend putting this somewhere close like shift-1 for it to be a lightning fast reflex "oh $#%^ button") I have 43k hp unbuffed atm and this will "heal" me for 30k instant and another 26k hp regen from frenzy regen in the next 10 sec (with block up). Yes i did the math.

#showtooltip last stand
/cast Last Stand
/use fel healthstone
/use runic healing potion
/use Corroded Skeleton Key
/cast Shield Block
/cast enraged regeneration
/dbm broadcast timer 00:20 Nerv Last Stand
/s * Nervos: Last Stand Up *

I have this binded on shift-1
2. All-in-one throw, shoot gun/bow button. If u have throwing knife/gun/bow, this will throw whatever u have at him

/cast [equipped:Thrown] Throw; Shoot

3. left click Casts bladestorm and right click cancels bladestorm for when u want to stop spinning and spell reflect or intercept or whatever:

/cast bladestorm
/s nananananana BLADESTOOORM!!
/cancelaura [button:2] Bladestorm

4. Disarming from any stance. Recommended as a mouse bind.
This is now your "change to def stance" button.

#showtooltip disarm
/cast Defensive Stance
/cast disarm

5. intervene from any stance (preferably a mouse bind)

#showtooltip intervene
/cast [stance:1/3] Defensive Stance
/cast intervene
6. Spell reflect from any stance and with any wep. (a tip: you can still spell reflect if u take your shield off after casting it so switch back to your weapons fast!)
- Also use this when you have aggro as dps!!! Once in def stance and with shield on, click block and shield wall and you will never die from aggro again!
- This is now your "i'm going to def stance+shield because i'm going to be nuked" button. Follow up with a shield wall +block +disarm + demo shout + enrage regen +pots (u cant be critted during 100% block so feel free to save that overagroing warlock during the raid encounter by taunting the boss/add off him, you wont die, trust me. I have saved countless whipes by taunting a 25 man boss as fury spec after MT died or during overagro.

#showtooltip spell reflection
/cancelaura Bladestorm
/equip Ramaladni's Blade of Culling
/equip [noequipped:shields] Neverending Winter
/cast Defensive Stance
/cast Bloodrage
/cast Spell Reflection

Aditional macro for putting your 2h in your offhand after you have spell reflected (for fury only)
Slot 17 is the offhand slot. if you are arms drag your weapon on your bar and click it/bind it to go back to dps

/equipslot 17 tyrannical beheader

I have reflect binded on R and offhand 2h replacement for fury on T

7. Change to battle stance (if needed) and charge. This is also your overpower button. When it's available you can press this to do it since your to close to charge and when you want to charge, you will not overpower since you're to far. (recomended as a mouse button macro. Also have a overpower button around to see it's CD because this will show your charge cd)
This is now your "change to battle stance" button.

#showtooltip charge
/cast charge
/cast [nostance:1] Battle Stance; Overpower

8. Intercept from any stance (recomended as a mouse button).
This is now your "change to zerker stance" button.

#showtooltip intercept
/cast berserker stance
/cast intercept

9. Automatic trinket usage for dps! Always forgetting to use your trinkets when dpsing? Just use this and forget about your trinkets (tip: also have the trinket and 1-2 dps non macroed buttons on your bars because you want your trinkets to be ready before the boss so press the normal buttons instead to save your trinket for the boss) Also make a Bloodthirst one, just replace the words.
This doesn't req 2 clicks, 1 click will use your trinket a millisecond before you Whirlwind. This is now your standard WW button

#showtooltip Whirlwind
/use Mark of supremacy (this is my "use ap" trinket name)
/use Wrathful Gladiator's Plate Gauntlets (this is my "use haste" engi enchant on gloves)
/use Festering Fingerguards (same as above, this is because i have 2 gloves. Do the same with trinkets if you have 2)
/cast whirlwind

10. Shield wall with a warning to your healers so they know how who to heal. I have a healer to and believe me this is really helpful for them. They can stop healing you and heal an almost dead dps and save his life for example. The raid broadcast timer is also nice.
Also try using a raidframe addon like GRID to see the HP status of your raid and shield wall when the healers have a lot of work to do.

#showtooltip Shield Wall
/s * Nervos: Shield Wall Up *
/use Shield Wall
/dbm broadcast timer 00:12 Nerv Shield Wall

11. Dispelling a pala bubble or a mage ice cube from any stance adding some rage in case u dont have enough from stance changing (i think u might want to put the bloodrage cast AFTER the stance change... haven't rly used this a lot to perfect it but it works)

#showtooltip Shattering Throw
/cast Bloodrage
/cast [nostance:1] Battle Stance; Shattering Throw

12. As a tank i recommend using this macro. I have devastate on 3, this on 4 and shield slam on 5. When tanking boss spam 4 as it were ure heroic button when pressing 3 and 5 at the same time. This will allow you to remove heroic strike from your tank bar

#showtooltip revenge
/cast revenge
/cast heroic strike

13. Canceling bladestorm to interrupt a spell. Use this to replace your normal pummel button so it works during bladestorm

#showtooltip pummel
/cancelaura Bladestorm
/cast pummel

14. A small bonus; during some boss fights (like illidan) you will need your camera to be WAY further away so you can see incoming dangers when tanking. This will allow you to scroll your camera back to an epic distance so you can see more ground around you! (no need to put this on your bars)

/console CameraDistanceMaxFactor 4


A small piece of advice... Do not just copy paste these, but READ and UNDERSTAND how they work so you can make your own macros in the future. You will want to make custom macros for every situation and for all your alts.
Also find and buy a mouse with at least 4 extra bindable buttons so you can keybind def+intervene, def+disarm, battle+charge+overpower and zerk stance+intervene. Its crucial for a warrior to "stance dance" fast so having the stances on your mouse (with added spells under them) will help A LOT. If you only have 1-2 extra mouse buttons just use shift-mouse3 and ctrl-mouse3 etc etc

PS: I can has sticky? :D

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#11 - 2010/08/31 09:59:37 AM
This has been added to the collection of guides at the top of the forum!