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#1 - 2012/01/11 11:38:00 PM
I think it's time to call it quits.I am not going to pay to be abused,insulted,over run with bots,GM pretty much calling me a liar.I'm not posting this for sympathy or anything like that,I'm just clearing my mind of all this. The worst part is,when we do report people,nothing ever gets done about it.If I am being seriously abused by someone who has lost complete grip on normality,I would expect something to be done about said person.

Why should I endure disgusting remarks about disabled people,or people living with a terminal illness.It is not fair on me,nor is it fair on people all over the world to be treated this way. Some of my family members have passed away due to a terminal illness and I don't think it's right that people should beable to get away with telling people to go die of blah blah blah....

I have reported such things only to see them still happily playing as if all is normal.I'm sorry but that isn't good enough.I put it to you,would you be happy with abuse like this?would you let it go if the person wasn't punished for this disgusting act? I thought GMs were there to police the game and help all those who need it. I don't want to be told that a full investigation needs to take place when I have evidence right here.

Well that's enough from me,enjoy your game all.
Maybe see some of you around.

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#16 - 2012/01/12 12:42:00 PM
Hi there, Ironforce.

11/01/2012 23:38Posted by Ironforce
I have reported such things

I had a look through the tickets that you've sent us over the years and I couldn't find any where you were reporting harassment. Was it from a different account? Without knowing exactly what happened I can't really comment; all I can say is that every report of harassment is investigated thoroughly and that we take it very seriously. I would, however, recommend that you /ignore the player's involved and refuse to reply to any of their messages.

When looking through your tickets I saw that you've recently had some trouble with master looters keeping items for themselves in raids, and that our inability to assist you was quite a disappointment. I can appreciate why, but unfortunately we cannot enforce the ninja looting policy upon heavily subjective looting rules like MS>OS. This is explained in more detail in our policy spotlight:

Policy Spotlight – “Ninja Looting”

Finally, I know that botting/exploiting is a hot topic and that many players often feel that their efforts to report them are wasted. Please trust me when I say that your support is incredibly important to us and that your time is never wasted. Yes, we have our own internal methods and processes in place so one could argue that it's unnecessary, but reports sent by players often give us additional information; every little bit helps, truely.

The problem is that our actions are rarely apparent despite being pretty effective. We collect a lot of information and use extensive investigative processes to ensure that we have a large impact. It's a lot of behind the scenes work that, sadly, gives the impression in inaction on our part. All I can say is that such an impression is wrong. :)

You can read more about it here:

F.A.Q. – Bots

I realise that your mind is probably made up and I sincerely wish you the best with whatever game you choose to play next, but I wanted to try and explain our point of view on these points a little better.

Farewell. /tiphat