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Warrior levelling.

Why am I do this?
Simple I’ve all ready been given whispers and asked for quick advice in game about how I play my warrior so decided to put up what I found out. Think of it like a project log. How I level were I went and what I found out. It might help new player’s or put a smile on an veteran warrior face. and how i leveled protection ( that may change as the levels go on)

The warrior
The warrior is a melee class. It does it damage up close and personal. It does two things but does them well. Hitting and getting hit ( also known as tanking). Its dominant traits are, very high survivability. Hold aggro( making the enemy to hit you.) versatile at melee.

Doesn’t suit some people due to some personality issues. What I mean here some people are draw to a pertical class due to there natural personality. A person who is known as a sneak, scoundal will enjoy a rogue more. Due to the style’s and mind set. People look to warriors as leaders.

The down side is that warriors need gear, they are one of the more gear dependent class out there. Once they have the gear and the player has figured out his class then the true inner beauty of the class comes out and shines( p.s you will get whispers after this about your class being overpowered)
Weakness no ability to heal or do great range attack

Warriors use rage. A bar that feels up the more we do it only goes to a 100 and we use it for are abilities. Think of a warrior as a tank a night mare to start from standing but once going doesn’t like to stop

Still here? And still thinking about rolling a warrior then I hope the rest proves useful.


Almost every race in the game can be a warrior. The only race is blood elves who cant be a warrior
The alliance
Night elf’s
shadow meld, the ability to hide on the spot, has some fun use’s
Quickness- less chance of being hit. All ways a good thing
Nature resistant- less damage from nature based attacks

sword and mace speciation, yeap you can use these weapons better
Perception. Can spot steathed targets better
Every man for him self- the ability to break out of some forms of crowd control

stone skin the ability to remove all bleed and poison and diseases effects also add more armour
Gun specialisation you can use guns better Frost resistant can take less damage from frost based attacks

escape artist- can break out of movement effects
Arcane resistant- take less damage from arcane attacks

gift of the naru can grant a quick heal over time
Heroic presence - increase to hit
Shadow resistance take less damage from shadow damage

The horde

blood fury- increase attack power for a quick moment
Hardiness - less time while stunned
Axe specialization- better at using axe’s

war stomp- stuns five enemies
Endurance - more health
Nature resistance less damage from nature spells

will of the forsaken removes charm fear and sleep effects
Cannibalize, you get health back for eating your kills
Shadow resistance - less damage from shadow spells

Bresking increase attack speed
Regeneration- all ways gaining some health
Bow and throw weapon specialization

When decided on your race go with looks

Quick note on realms there is
Pve player vs. environment
Pvp player vs. player
Rp role play set in a player vs. environment
Rp-pvp role play set in a player vs. player environment

I went with pve as I know a couple of people on there from real life, I normally play on a rp-pvp

Now to levelling

I went with a tauren warrior. I started from scratch no level 80 helping me with gear or gold. So any one can follow this if they feel like it. Being horde this will follow the horde side a lot more but I will do my best to insert knowable for any alliance players.

Levels 1-5/6
Welcome to your starting zone for your race. Your in what I like to think of as the egg basket. The safest part of the world, nothing will attack you unless you hit first.
Your starting zone will be.

    Elwynn forest if your human
    Dun Morogh if your Dwarf or Gnome
    Azuremyst Isle if your Draenei
    Durotar if you’re an orc or troll
    Mulgore if you’re a Tauren
    Teldrassil if you’re a night elf.

After your cut seen your good to go. Worth watching unless your like me and you go off to order food or get a coffee..
In this save zone it all most impossible to die. Most of the quest will be go get x of x amount, kill this and that. With a kill a named bad guy. Remember to sell your loot from your kills before you go to your trainer first at level two so you can start advancing in skills. In this fenced of section you can gain levels fast on your own once the quests have dried up it time to move on. You should be about level I would recommend stay and killing the last few monsters of to get to six.

You shouldn’t have to buy any gear here and I recommend not buy any thing . Almost every thing you buy will drop straight after as I found out after by a shield and axe.
Once you done it time to leave the basket part and adventure in to the wider world. On your way out a handy person will give you a quest to an inn keeper or tavern. A nice location for more quests on your way out you should notice that now the monsters etc.. are red named and will chase after you all tho a starting zone these do proved a chance to meet the lady at the grave yard. Stand your ground and kill them like any other, they hit harder but your hit points and abilities will help. Once at the inn keeper ( marked on your map pressing m will show it) set your stone there and go help out with the other quests.

Now don’t get me wrong I enjoy a good levelling section such of these but…Mulgore tries me every thing is to spread out and you cover the inter zone. So I switched starting zone. Not all ways a good thing but if the zone drives you mad change zone.

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