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#0 - 2010/08/18 04:20:50 AM
Been looking at various builds for Holy, and it keeps coming down to having 1 point to spend on "quality of life" talents in the Holy tree.

The other thing I notice is there is nothing in Holy or Prot trees that a raiding paladin would forgo spending 10 points in Ret to take.

As to the first concern, this can be resolved by changing one of our 3/3 talents to 2/2, the two likely candidates I see are Illumination and Tower of Radiance. Either could easily be 2/2 (moving Illum to 15% per point or moving ToR to 50% per point). This would then allow us to fill out one of the five optional 2/2 talents (Last Word, Enlightened Judgements, Denounce, Imp. Conc, Blessed Life).

As to the second concern, tackle it on two fronts. First change a talent in the first tier of Prot so that Holy desires, and then tweak/replace/add so that we have a deep holy talent we desire (beyond what we currently consider mandatory). Then we have some real decisions to make, 31/0/10, 33/2/6, 31/2/8, etc.. I really like the concept that placing a couple of talent points differently can make a paladin shine versus the spec 31/0/10 and one point in Holy is flexible (leaving all paladins identical).

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#10 - 2010/08/18 09:52:50 PM
We removed the prereq chain from Divine Illumination to Aura Mastery and Light of Dawn. We had the prerq in there to make sure paladins didn't skip over a powerful group utility talent in a perhaps selfish attempt to enhance their personal healing per second, but we do acknowledge that it is far less useful in say 5-player dungeons.