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#0 - 2010/08/17 08:56:10 PM
Hey, i made this topic because maybe some people will agree with my opinion and blizzard gonna change something. By something i mean worgen walking style. Come on guys this is soo stupid! Worgens walking makes me to not making this race. It doesnt even look like real werewolf but like some puppy. Idea with two forms is really cool (thanks to you blizz) you can walk as human if you want anytime you want(if im wrong tell me) But that worgen's walking style is HORRIBLE. Please Blizz do someting with it if any players will agreed with my opinion. I really want to play that race but i cant with that walking style ;]

EDIT: Ah sorry ;p, so its not a petition, just tell me if you are agreed with it. Thats all ITS NOT A PETITION

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#3 - 2010/08/18 03:24:12 PM
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No petitions allowed.

Also, we aren't too happy when people abuse their 'Caps Lock' button.