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#1 - 2011/12/17 06:07:00 PM
Dear blizzard, over the time I've been playing, I've had some problems before, but never one as rediculous as this one.
I purchase your store mounts, your store pets & even your affordable TCG pets.

Recently my friend and I got the idea to make a twink, we decided we had some money to waste on a fun activity, creating level 44 twinks.

We collected gear, we bought mechanohogs and everything. I leveld ahead of my friend to 44, gatherd up gear, did all the research and was still in the process of enchanting and collecting more gear. Total price tag of this journey adds up to over 20,000 gold!

Now, what have I discoverd? Twinks are appearantly put into seperate BG queue's, for the past 5 days, with XP off, I have gotten unavailable BG's, while queueing with XP on, leads to a 1-5 min wait.

Now, to get to my complaint, I have wasted 20,000 gold + on a character that is unable to play, there is no information telling me anything about a seperate BG system, all this time and money, wasted. Not even a warning when turning my XP off, that I will be put into a seperate zone.

I am beyond angry about this, I've disagreed with different previous choises or changes, but never have I found out about a change months later, only to realise I've blown tons of gold, without a warning in place.

What do I want to achieve with this topic? compensation. I want to be recompensated for all the gold I've wasted, mainly the mechanohog, since I have no intention of levelling yet another character to 85 wich I won't do anything on, because of all the work invested into my main.

So, to make a small summary, You do not provide any ingame information towards the player that making a XP locked character will put you into a seperate zone, have I known this in advance, I would not have botherd. So, I want a refund.

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#13 - 2011/12/17 07:23:00 PM
Greetings Minijî,

I’m sorry to hear that you weren’t aware of this particular change to the way battleground queues function – it has indeed been a part of the game for quite some time now, in fact longer than the pooling of all Battlegroups and the splitting of the different brackets into smaller sizes, but you would be correct in stating that there is no explicit confirmation of this fact within the game at the time of locking XP.

While I can understand that this may well have changed your original plans, I would like to hesitantly counter with the information that non-XP locked battlegrounds also experience queues of a minute or two, so if you are noticing queues of 1-5 minutes as you state then I don’t believe this would necessarily be wildly different to players without their XP gains disabled in this way.

As the others in this thread have suggested, if you believe there should be a more obvious explanation placed in-game of how the battleground queues work, you are very welcome to post your thoughts (and also the experiences you’ve detailed here, if you wish) into our Battlegrounds and World PvP Forum (, as this would be the most appropriate place to post feedback about elements of the game design or developmental decisions.

As for ourselves, being customer support, we can only do our best to ensure that such changes (specifically those concerning support related issues) are communicated as widely as possible at the time of implementation, which I hopefully believe we were able to do back when this change was made.

Unfortunately we cannot, however, offer refunds for in-game purchases made in error, and especially not those that don’t have a specific monetary vendor value (which the Mechano-Hog/Mekgineer's Chopper does not). I do, however, hope that since this item isn’t level specific or invalid at your current (or any future) level, you’ll be able to continue using it whatever you decide to do with your character. :)