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#1 - 2011/12/19 02:52:00 PM

Yesterday i asked a in-game GM if it was possible to change my real id name.
They answered with a account suspend. And wanted my to send them a scanned photo of my passport. Here comes the problem: My real id name was my fathers nickname. And now you maybe think, Why your dads nickname. Well when i did my account it came questions about parental control and such, and after that name and last name. So... i entered my fathers nickname and cant prove im the right owner. Any ideas ? I did told them to check
which ip-adresses my accout has been logged in on. But have't got any answers yet.

Im so mad because i loose my account on doind nothing. Wouldn't be this mad if i had done something wrong.
I would be really glad for answers.

Have a good day!

Anton. Ps this is my old account

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#7 - 2011/12/19 04:56:00 PM
Shammoz answered this perfectly. Basically you will need to contact our account and payment support team and provide some proof of ownership. If the account is registered to your father then you will need to provide a copy of his ID as well.

Personally, my recommendation is that you call us. Discussing this over the phone will expedite the matter and make it much easier for us to help you. :)

Account and Payment Support

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