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#1 - 2011/10/08 02:36:00 PM
I have been reporting bots in the BGs for a while, but never anyone on my server. Then I got the opportunity to report someone on my server (yay!). So I could check how long it took them to do something about it.

I reported(ticket) him/her in the morning and when I got back home in the evening I was a bit surprised to see that the bot was still running around in the BGs. (You would think that they would kick them or something at least)

Anyway it's now 10days later and the bot is still running around in the BGs (WTF?). So I sent a ticket about it, talked to a GM that said that I shouldn't report the same bot more than once.

Further more it was not really hard to detect that it was a bot as he did 40-50k in ruthless gear, followed the same path and used the same abilities. For example if the current target was killed, it would run back to a check point mount up and run to the next checkpoint. If no enemy was around it would just cycle through the different check points.

So has anyone actually been banned for using a bot software?

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#26 - 2011/10/12 09:22:00 AM
It's actually really simple: if you cheat and violate our terms of use in any way, you will face consequences ranging from temporary suspensions all the way to account closure.

The systems and methods we use don't always result in immediate action, but they are effective and we spend a great deal of time and resources on them. You can contribute by reporting players, either by opening a ticket or, preferably, by reporting them as AFK.