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#1 - 2011/10/06 08:48:00 AM
.. on low end GFX cards, or at least for me unlike any spell effect in the game since early Death &Decay + Unholy blight release. It's not new to 4.3 (instead 4.2) but i thought I'd drop it here.

It's totally fine if just one mushroom gets detonated, but this ground effect lingers for 20 seconds and you can blow up three at once, for up to 6 effects active at once. This makes the client seriously buckle for me, sometimes dropping fps to less than 1 for 5+ seconds during the effect despawning -especially-, so I'm guessing there is some kind of issue with especially the despawning even though I'm sure it is fine on higher-end machines. The FPS drop is a bit less impactful after the initial or final animation of the effect plays.

I have to set Spell-GFX to Low for this not to happen (a must if i pvp now for example), while I play at Good normally with passable fps and I do not have any drop with any other player spell i have encountered for years, although as I said it reminds me of the old DK spell intensity bugs. Also please move this to the appropriate forum if I ended up posting this in the wrong one :)

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#3 - 2011/10/07 03:10:00 PM
Hi there, Rhynnia.

This has been noted by our developers and it's going to be tweaked in a future update. It should be noticeably better. :)