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#1 - 2011/09/28 05:41:00 PM
Ram master ray ' Quest have a Bug '

Day 3 , Pick up the Quest.. and when I try to ride.. Flop Quest going and not mount at all.

Can you add me 40 Tokens plz ? yes for free.. the Quest stuck all 3 day's now.

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#9 - 2011/09/30 10:19:00 AM
- Not to be mounted when you pick up the quest
- Not being shapeshifted
- Not use the whip before you are clearly on the mount

I'm afraid that we cannot reimburse potentially lost tokens, but as Warbred said, this problem can be avoided by ensuring that not you're mounted or shapeshifted, and that you don't spam click the reins before you're actually seated on the racing ram.

I am genuinely very sorry that you've been caught out by this issue, and I hope that it doesn't set you back too much.