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#1 - 2011/08/29 10:40:00 PM
Hey all,

as most of you know, Swifty & Athene got into Dara Mactire, now there's alot of speculation about this, but does anyone know the truth?

Some say Swifty & Athene get payed for staying there and mentioning the guild because of their popularity, while Athene (and ESPECIALLY SWIFTY) are not 2.4k+ rated, they still manage to stay etc.
Is it for the eFame, the money or fun?

Who actually knows? I kind of wonder since there's been such an immense hassle over it and Swifty is just a baddie no offense.
He made cool vids and gave good tips, now it's just random crap loosely translated into Razer ads.

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#51 - 2011/10/24 04:43:00 PM
Please refrain from reviving old thread.