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#1 - 2011/07/22 07:52:00 AM
Yes. Fix Overpower. It's been what, a month now? Since it's been under investigation, but what is there to investigate about it? TfB Overpowers were not meant to be on a 1.5 sec GCD. Blizzard said that themselves. The change was made only for dodge procced overpowers so that it is not completely spammable on dodging ferals and rogues.

Well it did that, but because of the TfB bug it is also impeding Arms' gameplay in so many ways. It is ridiculous that it has not been hotfixed yet. It makes stance-dancing to be in ZStance for MS and Slam almost pointless because of the increased GCD of OP. It makes the rotation sluggish and sometimes even annoying. We also loose a Slam every now and then. Not to mention that now, more often than not, Overpower comes above MS in overall damage done. It is not how it's supposed to be, at least in never used to be like this. That might have been partially due to the charge bug, so the last point is a moot one. But all the other points stand with full force.

All the other nerfs we got in 4.2 i can live with and learn to work around. But why, why for the love of god did you have to screw around with the mechanic of an iconic ability like Overpower?

Yes, i know there have been many other threads made about this. But the complete lack of response (or a fix) on this matter is starting to get extremely frustrating. Fix it.

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#109 - 2011/08/04 08:49:00 AM
lot's of bad language and insults have been posted in this thread, hence the lock.

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