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#1 - 2011/06/01 02:03:00 PM
In just a few days, the Arena Pass Practice Phase ends and the real action will begin! This is therefore the ideal time to ensure your character and team names are fully appropriate. Creating colourful names for characters and Arena teams might seem fun, but we’ve got a strict naming policy in place—violations of which will have consequences!

There’ll be blood, sweat and tears on the floor of the Arena, but we need to keep everything else nice and clean. This is why we have a zero-tolerance policy for any inappropriate character or Arena team names created on the Arena Pass realm. Characters with inappropriate names may be deleted. If your character is deleted you will need to customise another character from scratch and re-earn all personal and hidden ratings.

Please keep in mind that in a later phase of the Arena Pass, team rosters will be locked down. If your character is deleted for a naming policy violation during this time your team will need to use whoever is left on their roster for all future matches. No exceptions will be made.

Also, Arena teams with names deemed inappropriate may be dissolved. In this situation you will need to create another charter for your team and climb back up from a rating of zero.

It is already brutal enough in the Arena without this kind of action, so we urge you to please think twice and check the naming policy before creating your characters and Arena teams!