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#0 - 2010/07/30 11:49:23 PM
Yeah yeah yeah there's probably been a lot of complaint about this talent...

Spamming 3 PoH, Renew, Heal, or Smite.

As it stands, the only reason I'd put even a single point into this talent would be to tank heal, or was trying to cling to the long lost hope of Smite Priest.

How often are you going to be casting 3 PoH in a row without serendipity (Now called Deliverance) in between? And you have to do it every 20 seconds to keep Chakra up? PoH is SLOW, and HUGE mana cost... if Blizzard is going through with Mana being a decision point in encounters, then why would they want us spamming PoH?

Renew and Heal are the only ones I'm likely to use 3 of regularly, but I don't sit around spamming renews on everyone. If I wanted to only use HoTs, I'd have rolled a Druid. All the Chakra does is make it heal a small amount more and decrease the GCD so you can spam it faster.

Heal is the only spell I'm likely to use with extreme regularity, primarily as tank healing. Heal, being the efficient regular healing ability, it's what I'm most likely to use in succession of each other. 3% more healing, and a 60% chance to refresh renew is nice, but is it worth the point in Lolwell and 3 in Chakra just for that? It's almost an only tank healing talent.

*insert QQ about smite build being impossible because talents are split between medium Disc and deep Holy*

Here's the build I was looking at for PvE raid healing Holy Priest:
Note: I don't hardly use Loly Nova, if you specifically do, there are many talents to switch around in place of it... That, Renew, B&S etc.

I just feel like the Holy tree is a wreck and no thought of viability went into creating it.

No PvP-related talents (except Body and Soul), which would make Holy even WORSE than it is now at PvP.

[sarcasm]Desperate Prayer with it's self heal-only and long CD is REALLY going to make me feel like a Holy Priest while leveling.[/sarcasm] How about CoH? That's a pretty Holy distinctive ability that would help with leveling in instances. Guardian Spirit? Even LOLWELL could be an improvement.

*more complaining*

Glad I have a warrior to level first... Lifegrip made me glad I had a Priest, the Cata talents came out and made me depressed.

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#9 - 2010/07/31 09:07:36 PM
I predict Chakra is going to be the reason players play Holy priests. It's going to be the kind of thing where you try out Disc for a few nights but decide you miss Chakra too much and go back. It's just not there yet.

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#36 - 2010/08/01 04:57:35 AM
Q u o t e:
The way GC phrased this, it seems that Disc is going to be lackluster and not have some kind of mechanic with the fun potential of Holy.

No, you're reading things into my words that I didn't actually say.

In LK, we would hear a lot how Disc was fun to play because of the shields and especially Penance. Priests would switch to Holy for a fight, but say that they missed the way Discipline felt. We think Holy needs something besides CoH that is a really fun mechanic that kind of sets the whole talent tree. Serendipity and Surge of Light can be fun today, but we think the tree needs more. Chakra has a ton of potential. Like I said, it's not there yet, but we have a lot of ideas for it.

Disc will be fine in Cataclysm PvE. It is going to be more well-rounded than it is today, but still have excellent absorption mechanics.