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#0 - 2010/07/30 05:18:18 AM
I know allot of Paladins are excited about 'Holy Power' and our new heals 'Word of Glory' and 'Light of Dawn', but there are allot of issues that still need to be addressed. If you take a look at our talent tree, nothing has really changed, our spells still have very little interactivity, and there still is allot of plus healing, plus critical strike chance talents. Don’t let our shiny new toys distract you from getting this class 100% balanced in Cataclysm.

We have the toolbox, now Blizz needs to make them all work together. Long way to go yet.


  • New Holy paladin mastery- Your healing spells also place an absorb shield on your target for 8% of the amount healed lasting 6 sec. Absorb increased further by mastery rating.

  • Speed of Light- now increases your movement speed for 4 sec. Down from 10 sec.

  • Improved Lay on Hands is gone.

  • Last Word (Tier 2) *New* - Gives your Word of Glory a 30/60% increased critical chance when used on targets with 35% or less health.

  • Sanctified Light is now named Arbiter of the Light - Increases the critical effect chance of your Judgement, Holy Light and Templar's Verdict by 6/12%.

  • Divine Light - Cast time changed to 3 sec from 2.5 sec.

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  • Why was 'Divine Illumination' removed?

  • Is the missing Sacred Shield intentional or unintended?

  • Are there any plans to make 'Holy Power' more interesting for Holy Paladins?

  • Does the new Mastery apply to heals transferred via Beacon?

  • Will the new Mastery work like Val'anyr and Divine Aegis? Where it stacks (to a X amount, 20k in valanyr's vase). Or will it only take into account the first shield, and maybe any larger ones that hit afterwards (removing the old one)?

  • Will the new Mastery proc off of ALL healing like the wording suggests? Including any splash heals (HL glyph if it exists in cata), Healing Hands, and Light of Dawn? Or will it only proc off of single target heals (FoL, HL, DL, HS)?

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    Talent Feedback:

    Healing Light- With 'Holy Shock' being our Core ability, it feels strange to have a talent within our tree to increase its damage and healing, why not merge the 30% extra healing and damage into the spell? I understand talents that boost spells like 'Word of Glory', since that is a baseline spell, but since 'Holy Shock' is our Core ability that no other spec can get to, it just feels wrong.

    Last Word- I feel like there are too many separate 'Word of Glory' talents, we have this one that increases the critical strike chance on players below 35% health, then 'Healing Light' that increases the amount healed by 30%, then we have 'Rule of Law' that increases the critical effect chance by 15%.
    It feels like we must spend all these points on separate talents just to boost this one spell, why not roll them all into one talent?

    As for the new talent 'Last Word', i feel like it would be far more effective if it was 100% crit chance on targets below 35% health, not just 60%.

    Enlightened Judgements- If you spend the points in 'Judgements of the Pure' it makes this talent feel mandatory so you can actually judge when at maximum healing range. This talent feels 'lonely', there is no real reason for Holy Paladins to judge besides the small haste boost.

    Divine Favor- This spell is outdated. With all the crit we have on gear, and all the crit talents, this spell is near worthless. It needs a makeover.

    Speed of Light- It was said that we shouldn’t have to run around like "headless chickens" just to make Healing Hands work, this talent seems to go against that, increasing our movement speed by 60%. This seems to be a flaw with the design of the spell, and a speed increases doesn’t fix that.

    Also Healing Hands cooldown is still to long.

    Denounce- This talent feels like a placeholder, there is no reason to spec into this talent. Perhaps adding some damage to regen mechanic to it would make it more desirable.

    Blessed Life- One of the first talents that should of been removed in the revamp. RNG just isnt cool.

    Light of Dawn- The only problem with this spell is the cooldown is too long, it should be reduced to 6 seconds.

    Aura Mastery- I don’t understand why we are forced to spec into it to reach 'Light of Dawn', Protection Paladins get a much more useful raid cooldown at 16 points, and it isn’t linked to any other talents. Similarly, Disc Priets arnt forced to spec into 'Pain Suppression', and is again unlinked to other talents.

    Normally talents that are linked have something in common, Divine Favor---> Aura Mastery---> Light of Dawn have nothing in common.

    Also in the "Raid Buff / Debuff" thread i noticed raid cooldowns such as 'Aura Mastery' and 'Divine Guardian' were not listed, i would much rather have 'Aura Mastery' and 'Divine Guardian' in my raid then 'Intellect' or 'Kings'.

    'It is much too powerful in any encounter with large bursts of elemental damage. It's a huge amount of damage reduced, and makes the strategy for any encounter where there is significant damage that can be mitigated through its use to stack as many aura masteries as possible and rotate. It being out of reach of prot and ret makes this somewhat less of an issue, but if healers are as interchangeable as they have said they want us to be, any difficult encounter with frequent large bursts of elemental damage will encourage stacking holy paladins.' - Aquitaine.

    It has already happened this expansion, for example The Door Strat on Twin Val'kyrs in ToGC and Lich King Hard Mode.
    It allows us to completely ignore certain raid mechanics, for example Yogg-Sarons Deafening Roar. Meaning boss fights will need to be designed around this one spell that no other class has.

    General Feedback:

    Second Holy Power Option- Holy Power is a great idea, but there isnt enough going on for Holy Paladins right now. Having only one option (Word of Glory) isn’t very exciting. More choices are always better.

    More Reason to use Judgement- Prot Judge for threat, Ret Judge for Damage, Holy Judge for? In Wrath of the Lich King i would say "Holy Paladins judge to keep JoL on the boss and to keep the 15% haste bonus up". But in Cataclysm, with all the Judgments rolling into one and the haste bonus becoming a Tier 1 talent, there is almost no reason for Holy Paladins to judge.

    May as well make 'Judgements of the Pure' a 30min buff so we can save ourselves a GCD.

    No HoT's or Smart Heals- With the 'Flash of Light' HoT removed from 'Sacred Shield', and 'Guardian of the Ancient Kings' being on a 5min cooldown and healing the same target you heal, we are lacking in the HoT / Smart Heal department. Every single healer besides Holy Paladins have HoT's and Smart Heals, wether they be spells, or procs in talents.

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    #72 - 2010/07/30 11:36:19 PM
    The current Holy paladin mastery:

    Your healing spells also place an absorb shield on your target for X% of the amount healed lasting 6 sec. Absorb increased further by mastery rating.

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    #207 - 2010/08/10 06:07:44 AM
    Q u o t e:
    I was hoping for a smart heal that would heal the lowest member in the raid.

    One of the problems we were trying to avoid with the paladin 85 was the guardian that is fire and forget. We didn't want the Holy and Ret versions particularly to just come in and do stuff without your interaction. With the current implementation, you tell the Guardian exactly who you want him to heal. The game doesn't need any more smart heals, IMO.

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    #209 - 2010/08/10 06:34:16 AM
    Q u o t e:
    I can live with that though. But is our five minute cooldown angel friend really only going to be around for 5 heals? I was hoping to visit with him for longer than that... of course does that mean if I don't heal anything I can look at him for as long as I want?

    We can adjust if 5 heals isn't long enough, but it's a lot of healing during that time. The art for the guardian is quite epic, so we didn't want him to be out a large percentage of the time. We'd rather him feel awesome when he is out.

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    #219 - 2010/08/10 07:17:30 AM
    Q u o t e:
    Whats to prevent the guardian from simply being annihilated in pvp as soon as its called?

    It being immune to damage helps a lot in this regard. :)