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#1 - 2011/01/30 05:44:00 PM
Welcome to the new Raid and Guild Leadership Forum! Everyone here is part of a continuing history of players helping players to improve the collective leadership and guild relationships within World of Warcraft. It doesn't matter if you are a frequent poster, a new visitor, a regular lurker, your opinions and experiences can help us all.

This forum is almost entirely a result of the people who post here, both in creating topics, and in providing solid and thoughtful replies and advice to those topics. We are also self-policing, and work hard amongst ourselves to create and maintain a healthy atmosphere where people feel comfortable in asking almost any guild related question and confident that such questions will be well answered.

While Blizzard employees maintain a presence here they have historically limited their interactions to forum administration and moderation. If you’ve come here to be spoken to directly by "Blue", you’re probably in the wrong place.

Just because the posters here may not have blue or green text doesn’t mean that we can’t provide you with excellent answers. Over the years we’ve established ourselves as a forum chock full of helpful posters who know what they’re talking about, and give you the advice you need (even if, sometimes, you didn’t realize that was the advice you needed).

There is a wealth of information here that has been presented and updated over the years. Please take a few minutes to read through the General Information and FAQ.

I want to share a big "Thank You!" to all those who provide leadership in their guilds and raid groups, whether officially titled or just a positive influence. I hope you find the information here even half as helpful as I have over the years


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#23 - 2011/06/16 11:23:00 PM
We have received word that this thread will no longer be maintained regularly and so it's being unstickied. If another player from the community would like to create a new one and take over, please be sure to follow the proper method for requesting a thread for sticky once it has been created and finalized. We will then review the request and sticky the new thread as long as it meets the proper requirements.