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#0 - 2010/07/21 04:55:41 PM
According to mined data on mmo:

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Berserker Rage now requires you to be in Berserker Stance.

Ignoring the obvious PVP implications about this change (yay - warriors are now sappable and fearable, just like everyone else, except without everyone else's escapes), this has a gigantic effect on tanks.

I for one, absolutely HATED the days of having to keep my finger hovering over a [Berserker stance / Beserker Rage] macro. It added nothing at all to the tanking experience and the endless mobs that fear without a cast time would just get it off anyway.

Bears have Berserk. DK's can pick up Lichborne. Pallies can bubble. Warriors have to switch to berserker stance, potentially get hit for a LOT and lose your rage (yes, rage is going to be an issue again), and hit Beserker Rage. This is horrible.

I for one really hope this does not make it live as it is a giant kick below the belt to warriors.

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#10 - 2010/07/21 05:59:50 PM
We did not change Berserker Rage.