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#0 - 2010/07/21 06:44:17 AM
New 21 point talent in the warrior prot tree:

Impending Victory
Using Shield Slam on a target with 20% or less health has a 50/100% chance to allow the use of Victory Rush but that Victory Rush only heals for 5% of your health.

so... uh... what?

Victory rush becomes a self-healing execute for prots?

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#17 - 2010/07/21 09:12:46 AM
The intent isn't that Victory Rush becomes some kind of awesome but unreliable defensive cooldown with this talent. It's more that if you spend the talent points, you can get an "Execute range" attack that isn't Execute and might heal you a little. I wouldn't consider it anywhere on par with say Toughness or Shield Mastery.